headline writingFirst impressions matter! The title of your blog post is extremely important because it is the first thing that a reader sees. Blog readers generally pay attention to the title and the first two paragraphs of any given post, and then decide whether to read the rest. Often people will see the blog post title on social media or in an RSS reader and will base their decision to click solely on that.

There are three elements that make a good title:

  • Simple description of the article
  • Creative hook to grab the reader’s attention
  • Use of your main keyword or phrase (this helps with SEO)

Ways to Write a Headline that ‘Hooks’:

1. Ask a question

2. Use a formula

3. Create curiousity

4. Show your knowledge

5. Add an element of surprise

6. Use numbers

Make sure the title matches the body content. Don’t use a humorous title if the post isn’t funny or snarky. Above all, be authentic and stay true to your voice. Write posts and titles that reflect your personality and your company brand. Not only will the writing flow better, but it will appear genuine to your audience.

What other tips would you add to the list? What gets you clicking? Share in the comments!