Webinar softwareThere are loads of webinar software out there, not all of it works well and if you’re in a country with a lower level of broadband speed there can be even more challenges to get it to work smoothly.

However, there are some that are just a cut above the rest and if you have decided that webinars are for you, this list will help you make the decisions you need to make and get the best out of your webinars:

Free or almost free Webinar Software

  1. Anymeeting – Supports larger or smaller web conferences and webinars, live video conferencing, screen sharing, custom registration forms, conference recording. How can it be free? AnyMeeting provides its services at no cost because the software is supported by advertising, so you will have to be happy with showing ads for other advertisers on your screen to all your attendees. But if all you can afford for now is free this is a great option and truthfully people are usually so focused on what you are showing them they hardly notice the ads.
  2. Meetingburner – this one is also recommended by Mari Smith social media star, who does webinars often and this is a great recommendation! Meetingburner is free with some exclusions from their paid services the most challenging for me is no option to record your webinar in the free option. However everything else works well and it is easy to use.
  3. Zipcast – Upload a slidedeck and then narrate it on webcam or for a nominal fee, you can password protect it and use it as a product.


  4. Instant Presenter – This is the one highly recommended by Mari Smith and other top web marketers, and it comes feature packed and is not only very stable (a must in slower broadband areas like Australia) but it also simple to use. although not free there is a trial version that allows you to get a feel for the software and host at least one webinar for free before signing up. They also offer a discount for those who pay for a year of webinars up front and starting at $39 per month for a year with the 20% discount this works out at just over $420 for the whole year.
  5. Go To Meeting – this link will take you to the Australian version however it is based in the US and is another highly recommended webinar program used by lots of businesses. Again this software is feature rich and stable which is a must for those doing webinars with slower broadband speeds.
  6. Evergreen Business System – now I haven’t trialed this one at all myself, however some of the people I know do use it and love it. This one you purchase to use outright with no monthly or annual fees and is definitely worth a good look as not only is the ‘once only’ cost about the same as some of the others annual costs, it is feature rich with some options none of the others have all together including: book your webinar in local time (this prevents attendees having to figure out what time zone you are in and what time zone they are in and what time your webinar is in their time.. a huge challenge for most webinars). Definitely worth a look!