When talking about Content Curation, people usually associate it with Huffington Post, thanks to all the polemics they triggered when they first launched. Together with BuzzFeed, these are the most famous exponents of the content curation gone mainstream. But they are not the only ones that usually drink from the content curation sources.

Groupiest 5 sites we love that use content curation

In this article, we list some of our favorite websites that use content curation and use it well to generate engaging content.

Their content curation practices are made by the book: Nice headline, introduction to the topic and interesting point of view, quote and attribution to the original source.

They make your life easier, by using visuals and synthetic headlines that save you some time. In very few paragraphs you get to know who did what, when and why, and what are the consequences. The result of their efforts is that their articles get shared a lot.

Here are our TOP 5 of the curated content websites.

Life Hacker

LifeHacker was one of the first productivity blogs on the web. Their motto is “Lifehacker curates tips and tricks for living better in the digital age”.

Curated articles vary on themes, from how to have a nice wardrobe for few money, new apps that improve your life, productivity techniques, how to be happy and how to manage practical aspects of your life, even basic domestic things you can do, like an easier way to separate egg yolks with a plastic bottle or how to manage your money in a smarter way.

They also produce content in-house and syndicate contents from other specialized platforms, besides having a very active community that loves to post their own tips.

You can check this curated post. All the elements of the good curation are there


Io9, like Life Hacker, is part of the Gawker Media blog network. This blog is focused on science, future culture and entertainment.

They shrink the information to the essentials and play a lot with good visuals, gifs and images.


UpWorhthy is a generic news website got a lot of attention after an amazing growth of their audience in a very short period.

Their content is based on generic news, and they give it a unique perspective, by trying different points of view of a story and they are famous for working very hard on crafting their headlines.


This is one of my favorites. 99 u is a Creative Carreer tips and their motto is “Insights to make Ideas Happen”. They curate productivity tips, career advice for creatives, innovation, time-management, etc.

They also offer conferences and events, as innovative proprietary contents. They have a section called “Workbook” that is totally based on curated content, in the classical approach: introduction + opinion, quote and link to the original source.

It’s great to gather several useful tips in a glance. I generally get curious and follow the link to the original article, because they select very interesting materials, like these Bill Watterson creativity tips.

99 U is part of the content strategy of Behance, which is part of Adobe Systems.


This one is very focused on marketing, as the name suggests. CMO.com is very focused on time saving. The curated part has one introductory hook paragraph, and the headline is usually long and very illustrative.

If you want to know more, you have to follow the link and read the full story.

It’s a fast way to get into the latest marketing trends and they also have two scheduled newsletters, like a Marketing Fundamentals Weekly Digest.

They use the curated content to get closer to their audience with quality articles and promote the Adobe (again) Marketing Suite.

Key Takeaways:

  • It’s always important to add some value to the content you’re sharing: summarize, add key takeaways, the unique focus your industry or company has on this specific piece of content, etc.
  • Content curation is great for keeping your audience engaged, while you write proprietary compelling content.

Now you have some nice examples to look up on Content Curation, and some experts of their marketing needs.