Some new research from the Content Marketing Institute and the Direct Marketing Association UK (via The Drum) has revealed that marketers in the UK have more confidence in their content marketing. Their own evaluations of their abilities and efforts are higher than those reported by Australian and American marketing execs.

We think it’s great that there’s such positivity and enthusiasm in the industry – and we provide content marketing services ourselves. If you’re not feeling quite as confident in what you’re doing right now, our tips might help:

  1. Don’t overdo it! 78% of UK marketers claim they’re producing more content than this time last year. That’s great news – up to a point. There needs to be a balance between the amount of content you produce and its value to the reader. Quality and relevance are more important than just throwing out barrels of content every day and hoping some of it sticks.
  2. Relevance is king. We’ve been saying this for ages. New content is great, engaging content is even better, but nobody wants to read a ‘breaking’ news story that happened last month.
  3. Keep up your end of the conversation. Social media was cited as the content platform that UK marketers use most often. Try not to just post and post without even glancing at the replies – take the time to respond to people who’ve found your content engaging enough to comment.
  4. Talk to people where they are, not where you want them to be. In a world where the number of potential communication and media channels is always rising, an omni-channel approach works wonders. Find your consumer touchpoints, work out when they’re most active, and create content that resonates with them best at that exact point in time.
  5. Make the best use of your network. The research identified the most effective content marketing tactic and social media platform as in-person events and LinkedIn respectively. Both of those approaches need a starting base of connections and contacts to work – an audience already willing to see what you’ve got and share it with their own communities.

Hopefully you’re a bit more inspired after reading our quick tips, and you can always talk to us for further help along the way.