The question came up on Twitter the other day. How does one find great content?

@Lisapatb @LTGMonkey Great article! Where do you find all these gems..

— Kristin MacRae (@OrganizingInRI) June 30, 2013

Great ContentAllTop – The Alltop website has been around for years (since 2008) and what I like best about this site is you can search for your topics alphabetically. It is easy and quick to find topics of interest to you. It is an awesome way to find great content for your niche.

New Feeds – Since the Google Reader is now dead, there are several new feeds that folks are using to keep on top of their favorite websites blogs and updates. Most of them are free to use. There is Feedly, NewsBlur – With a $24 charge per year for this one. The Old Reader, Digg Reader, Newsvibe. Pulse, AOL Reader and Fever RSS – This one is not free but it is self-hosted. You can read more on Tim Bonners Blog on this RSS feeder. There are a few other options too out there.

Google News – They have added more topics since dropping the reader and it’s another great way to find the latest news. They offer 4 ways for you to view news: Modern, Headlines, Compact or Classic. They offer many editions via country. They also offer editors picks from top news sites.

Bing News – Bing is a great option and they offer news in text like Google but they also offer it via images. Bing is always a step ahead on the visuals I believe over Google. You can check in-depth coverage and images with Bing News. Sign in with Bing and get rewards too.

Triberr – Triberr is awesome to follow your favorite blogs once you build up a tribe and are a member of many tribes. I really love Triberr. I usually share many posts a day of bloggers I know and trust and some I will check out their post before sharing. But then later I can go back and read through the sent posts so I can further share and comment on. It’s becoming my own Feed!

So don’t sweat it looking for great content on the net, check out these 5 great ways to find that content for your next share, information, read, or ideas.

How do you find great content on the web now? Have you used any or all 5 of the above?