Are you somebody who has a content marketing business? If not, you may be someone that uses content marketing as a key part of their marketing strategy.

In either case, your website is the keystone that holds up your content marketing activities.

For successful content marketing, it’s important for your site to rest on a great Content Management System (CMS) platform. A robust yet flexible CMS platform supports your marketing activities and allows you to scale-up.

A CMS platform enables you to add content, make changes, and to share your content. It removes the need to approach a developer every time you need to add or update a post. CMS plays a significant role in simplifying your content marketing.

One of the most popular CMS platforms in the world is WordPress. It powers more than 30% of all websites online.

You can use WordPress for more than just starting a blog. It powers millions of sites and has a repository of free and premium plugins that lets you build anything on your site.

To have a successful content marketing strategy, a CMS platform needs to support it in many ways. Let’s look at how a CMS platform boosts marketing success and how you can leverage it.

Easy Content Creation and Updates

Most CMS platforms allow anyone to work with them easily. You don’t need to have the programming knowledge to use WordPress to create a post or a page. It’s also easy to update it with fresh content.

Content marketers need to promote different types of formats such as videos, images, and written content. A CMS platform like WordPress makes it possible to publish different content types without extra steps.

It’s also useful as it enables blogs and businesses to manage large quantities of content from many writers. A CMS platform enables content creation in the following ways:

  • Multiple writers can submit their content
  • It’s possible to control whether a writer can edit their content
  • It provides access control so that writers don’t get access to admin tools
  • A site owner can schedule content after it’s reviewed
  • It’s easy to publish or discard content as needed
  • It allows multiple people to see content and make necessary changes

A CMS platform also lets you create content that’s available only to members. You can use
membership site software to create exclusive access to content that only subscribers or paying customers can see.

SEO Features and Plugin Options

With a CMS platform like WordPress, there are several plugin options that make it easy to create SEO for your site. You can download a plugin that makes the following possible:

  • XML sitemap creation
  • Keyword optimization
  • markups
  • Adding breadcrumbs
  • Easy creation and management of robots.txt and .htaccess files
  • Automatic metatag generation

SEO is difficult to implement. For successful SEO, you need to have expert knowledge and considerable experience. CMS platforms enable integrations with SEO tools. It allows anyone to implement SEO techniques without technical knowledge.

Analytics Integration

There’s no way to tweak or even understand the impact of your content marketing efforts without analytics. Adding analytics to your CMS site ensures that you can see whether you’re hitting your goals and if your strategies are working.

Incorporating an analytics plugin into your website from the start gives you clear insight into your progress. You can measure site traffic, the demographics of your visitors, and the keywords they use to land on your site.

There are other helpful metrics that an analytics tool can provide. It allows you to understand what people are looking for. With this information, you can refine your content to boost traffic and increase conversions.

Cross-Channel Functionality

Today people use different devices to access information, visit sites, and make purchases. A CMS platform can make it easier than ever to create websites and share content on any device. WordPress has responsive themes that allow you to create sites that function on mobile phones, tablets, and desktops.

You can cater to readers on any device. Not only that, but users can also consume different formats like videos, images, and other interactive content on any screen. Multimedia-format and cross-channel functionalities are important features of a CMS platform.

Social Media Sharing

Increasing social media shares and posting to social media is an important part of digital marketing. A good CMS system will allow you to create content and share it easily from a single place. You can install a plugin to publish content to different platforms from the dashboard.

It’s also easy to allow visitors to share content to social media from your site. Users can click a button to send the content to their peers on social media. Expanding your social media presence supports your content marketing goals such as boosting traffic and getting conversions.

Make your Content Marketing Successful With CMS

Your content marketing strategies won’t work unless you have a reliable CMS platform supporting them. A CMS platform lets you carry out multiple functions such as content hosting and lead generation. Use a plugin for your WordPress CMS to create gated content and get conversions.

The key driver of success in content marketing is your CMS platform. Make sure that you build your site using CMS and you’ll boost content marketing success effortlessly.