Flo, the infamous Progressive Insurance spokesperson inspired me to rethink my personal content marketing strategy.

Every now and then you need to tweak your approach to your content marketing strategy to help you reach your business goals. Sometimes a ‘jump-start’ is in order!

Screen Shot 2014 07 27 at 7.29.45 PM 5 Ways To Rethink Your Content Marketing Strategy

You see, I just installed the Progressive Insurance Snapshot in my car to get a discount, which will help me reach my personal financial goals a little bit quicker. Hey, who doesn’t like 25% discount on their car insurance! The Snapshot encouraged me to fine-tune my driving to help me reach my goal. I am driving a little slower, breaking sooner and just paying attention more.

While sitting at a red light that I slowly eased into, I thought to myself, what I fine tuned my personal content marketing strategy? Would a similar approach to content can help to deliver a better message to my network (and yours) – including adjustments to timing, channel, wording, etc.?

5 Tips To Improve Your Content Marketing Strategy

1. Think through your keywords and hashtags to make your messaging work harder and find your network more naturally

2. Connect with your network by delivering authentic content with your voice and tone. And most of all, think if Big Bird would be annoyed!

3. Your content marketing strategy is not always activated through a social media channel. Think about how you socialize your ideas on a 1-1 or 1-few basis – which means start making your PowerPoint presentations better!

4. Rely less on sponsored content and develop better home-grown content really to build a deeper relationship with your customers!

5. Understand the role, responsibility and strength of each social media to meet your goals – sometimes you’ll need to get a little crafty to maximize your exposure and drive your business outcome.

Do you have some progressive social media and content marketing tips to share? If you do, please share them below.

You can decide to go with the flow and not change anything with your content strategy. Or, go with the ‘Flo,’ for added insurance to make your content marketing strategy work a little harder.