5 Ways Live Video Can Rock Your Content MarketingThis month is all about the trends that are shaping the future of the content marketing world. This week, we’re focusing on the growing popularity of streaming video apps and how we can use these apps to take our content marketing to a whole new level.

Way back in March, a little app called Meerkat launched at South by Southwest. One week later, Twitter announced the launch of Periscope, and the rush to leverage live video streaming was on.

As content marketers, we can tap into the power of live video to grow our influence, build communities, encourage engagement, and interact with our fans and followers in a whole new way.

Not sure where to get started with streaming video? We’ve got 5 suggestions for you:

1. Live Events

If your company is putting on an event — whether that’s a one-hour workshop or a multi-day conference — live video can give non-attendees a taste of the fun. Announce in advance that you’ll be live-streaming certain segments and send out reminders with a link to your channel.

(Note: If you ever want to stream from someone else’s event, keep in mind that many events have strict guidelines around video recordings. Make sure to check these guidelines well in advance and follow them closely to ensure you’re not violating any rules.)

2. Live Announcements

Getting ready for a big announcement — a new product, partnership, or initiative? Build excitement around it by scheduling a live video stream and inviting your communities, as well as journalists and bloggers. Again, the key here is promotion: make sure to promote the announcement well in advance through social media, email and other venues to ensure a good turnout.

3. Live Interviews

“Got a question you’ve been dying to ask [insert thought leader’s name here]? Tune in to our live interview on …”

Live video takes Twitter and Facebook expert chats to a whole new level by giving your expert a live forum for answering questions. Start the interview in the traditional one-on-one format, then open it up for questions submitted through social media or through your channel.

4. Live Video Blogging

Shake up your blogging practice by scheduling a live video blog with Q&A. It’s just like a regular video blog, only you’re broadcasting live, and your audience will have a chance to get their answered in real time. Be sure to save the recording and post it on your blog once it’s finished so that non-attendees can enjoy.

5. Live Panel Chats

Why feature just one expert when you can feature four or five? Gather up some of your industry’s key thought leaders and invite them to participate in a “virtual” panel chat to be broadcast via streaming video. These take a little more work to coordinate — especially if your experts are in different locations — but the investment will pay off in the richness of the experience you offer your audience.