Businesses that invest in content development are in it for the long-run. With that in mind, here are five useful facts regarding content development that will keep you motivated:

Consumers want hyper-relevant content

Consumers today are demanding relevant content, and businesses are more than happy to provide that for them. The problem with this is that trends come and go so fast on social media that your content might never receive the spotlight it deserves.

This is the road that led to live streaming on Facebook. It’s now possible for 20 minute old content to be outdated.

Always Focus On Creating Strong Headlines

A good headline sparks interest and invites readers in. Consider the great statistics from Copyblogger:

  • 80% of people will read your headlines.
  • But only 20% of those people will read the rest of your content!

And that is why the headline is as important as the article or post itself.

Be Able to Provide Answers

What is the ultimate purpose of a search engine? Most people would be correct in saying “to deliver sets of answers.” Google is great at this. Type a query into Google and you’ll be presented with links, pictures, and videos.

When people use a search engine, what they ultimately want is an answer, and it’s the search engine’s job to deliver that answer.

It’s the same when people are reading a blog post, viewing an infographic or watching a video, they want an answer so they can gain knowledge. An additional tip here is: people don’t just want answers, they want answers fast. So make your content easy to scan so people can pick up the juicy, important bits quickly.

Read any title and subtitle of a non-fiction book or article. Ultimately, what it leaves the reader with is a question or a sense of curiosity. It is then the author’s job to deliver answers and have supporting information.

Good content always pays itself off

Although you might focus on one particular goal, the effects of content marketing run deep. In the end, it will impact multiple facets of your business.

A recent Small Business Trends article talks about all the ways the benefits of content creation can materialize:

“If you publish your content in many places on and off the web, you generate greater brand visibility, inbound traffic, customer engagement, word-of-mouth advertising and new customer acquisition. Any one of these has the potential to pay for the time and money you’ve spent on your strategy. Content marketing offers compounding returns, enhancing your reputation and overall value for long-lasting returns. Content marketing has a high ROI. It’s that simple.”

As long as you’re creating high-quality content, you have nothing to worry about. The worst thing you can do is give up and undue the effects of your campaign.

Evergreen content doesn’t expire

While consumers are seeking out hyper-relevant content, they are also fond of credible evergreen content. A wiki page with lots of accurate information will keep users coming back for years.

It’s good to have an inventory of evergreen content in case your newsy content doesn’t connect with consumers. This keeps a steady stream of prospects coming to your website.

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