Today, digital world is not an inch less than a battle amidst global marketing professionals, and as a rule playing smart is the only way of survival here. And, over the years, content has become the most advanced and proficient weapon in this war. By owning well written, fresh and up to date content over your website, you can easily beat your competitors, and keeping those readers engage for long can definitely enhance your website conversion rate. No lie. So, there shouldn’t be any doubt about advantages of quality content. However, among all modes of content creation, content writing is certainly one of the most significant elements.

write-quality-contentBefore Everything: Understand Content Writing and Its Role in Today’s Marketing

Quality content has become a necessity for businesses of all sizes over last some times. That is the reason why it is entitled as the king. It makes the internet worthwhile, alive and helpful. Howbeit, to make the best use of content, one has to make it put extremely compelling and appealing, and this can only be possible by writing hygienic, exclusive and awesome content.

Day by day, the internet world is getting stuffed with tons of contents. And, it’s indeed to a challenge to secure your content under lime line. Plus, never-skipping-eyes of Google are always here to tell you how genuinely describing your story over your website. So, the role of content writing is unquestionably inescapable.

Discover the Change in Tomorrow and Today

Not long before, creating search optimized content was all in the vogue, or say was the only culture amongst entire caste of online marketing professionals including business owners, entrepreneurs and SEO experts; everyone simply focused to choke loads of related or unrelated keywords into their piece of written content, in the hope that it would impress Google’s machine-men and their website would easily get its way to the first page of online searches. Surprisingly, that scheme never failed in the past, for some inappropriate reasons.

Howbeit, that time has changed, and so the Google. The newer, smarter and reader-friendly Google of today rewards only those websites whose content are created for human beings and found helpful, informative and original by search engines.

In current era of digital world, every business needs to adopt a content writing strategy majorly based on two points.

1. The foremost purpose of your content is to help and provide authenticate information to people regarding the products and services you are offering and

2. It should be genuinely optimized enough to rank well in search engines.

However, it shouldn’t be taken as an end to the long life of search engine optimized content. In fact, optimized content becomes more crucial than ever before, all that change occurred is that the content must look knowledgeable, intelligent and unique to the forever watching eyes of Google.

Favorably, you don’t need to be a jack of all trades to master this niche. In fact, with the help of few tips you can easily formulate the content that will delight readers and search engine both, simultaneously.

1.       Organize a Vast Research

Unquestionably, without good research no good content can be created. A complete research will ensure that you are going to deliver what is in trend and what readers are looking to read these days. You research can include a myriad of topics including but not limited to your competitor’s strategy, current trend, global audience behaviors, hot blogging topics and in vogue keywords. Moreover, there are several free of analytic tools available over the internet today that can help you recognize the best topics to cover.

2.       Take in an Opinion That is Fresh, Trendy and Interesting

Undoubtedly, this is a quite common advice. But, you will be surprised to know that still a big number of websites are still lingering around with the content that is completely based on other’s opinions and facts. No matter how cool that opinion may be, you need to tell something different yet. Going with much repeated and outdated opinions can add an element of dullness to your image.

On the other hand, content based on original and new opinions brings an array of beneficial advantages to your business.       

  • Enhances your brand image as a pioneer in the market
  • Makes content more sharable as new opinions are more likely to draw attentions
  • Construct Your Position as a thought leader
  • Improves direct traffic to your website
  • Robust your online visibility in Search Results

 3.       Say no to Keyword Stuffing

This obsolete mighty black-hat technique is not going to help you anymore. So, make sure that excessive use of keywords is not going to be a part of your content strategy anyhow. Keyword density don’t just shape your content into a dull piece of cheap promotion for the readers, it leaves impressions of spam content in the eyeballs of Google.

 4.       Keep Text Shorter and More Understandable

You are definitely mistaken if you think that readers love to read long and complicated blocks of text only.  In order to write ultimate written content, you should focus to leverage more and more tiny lumps of text techniques, rather than adding chaotic and overlong chunks.

Furthermore, you can cast other interactive methods like subheadings, bulleting, numbering, special note, etc. This way, you actually make your content more readable, appealing and captivating.

5.       Prove Your Uniqueness

You are just one off, so your content should also be one of its types. Discover your views, and don’t hesitate to express them right in the front of online audience. Trying too hard can lead you to an offbeat position, so don’t forget that your audience can be anyone, from a beginner to a pro. Therefore, just be very natural and organic with your unique thoughts.


Of course, there are numerous ways to breathe life into your ordinary content. However, you shouldn’t forget that you are here to sell something. Nevertheless, by utilizing all five of the above mentioned content writing tips, you can undoubtedly steal global audience interests, and acquire the worth your business desires.