Here’s the truth. Moms own a DVR to skip television advertising and they surf the web without paying much attention to irrelevant banner ads because they don’t have time for them. So how do brands adjust their strategies? Now is the time to stop pitching products and services and instead deliver information and services that informs their buyers: Moms. Brands who deliver consistent and valuable information to Moms will be rewarded with Moms’ business and loyalty. Here are 5 tips that brands and marketers should keep in mind when promoting content to Moms:

1. Use Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is the number one content marketing strategy. To increase your brand’s SEO, frequently add fresh content to your website. The more often content is posted, the more search engines will pick up on it. Brands who post on their website’s blog need to utilize keyword phrases. Include an identical and specific phrase in the title, body, and tag section. This will maximize your website’s chance to rank for the specific keyword phrase that Moms type into search engines. Most importantly, publish quality content. This creates credibility and increases link building which heightens traffic to your website.

content marketing to moms2. Get On Social Media

Moms flock to social media to stay updated and in touch with friends, family, and the news. To promote your brand, utilize social media to inform your target audience of product updates, news, and special promotions. For example, AT&T paired with Twitter during March Madness to deliver content to March Madness followers. AT&T used Promoted Trend ads during the games to allow followers to see time-, context-, and event-sensitive trends. AT&T used this opportunity to deliver content on their Fastest 4G LTW network to fans. When brands use social media to reach out to Moms, they should simply and informatively highlight the brand’s values and products to gain their attention.

3. Be Unique

Creativity is a brand’s best friend when capturing mom’s attention. Acuvue is a great example. The brand’s mission is “See What Could Be” and to promote this statement, they recently held a 1-Day Contest, which asked young adults to create a short video that describes their dream day. Through this campaign Acuvue promoted their mission statement and their products by implying that if consumers wear Acuvue lenses their dreams are clearer and more attainable. Other brands can learn a lesson from Acuvue. When your brand creates a campaign to reach Moms be creative and informative, even aspirational. Symbolically play-on your brand’s values when giving Moms information or ask them to participate in a contest or campaign.

4. Consider Timeliness

Pepsi is leveraging the current popularity of country music star Blake Shelton for its “Iconic Summer” campaign. To celebrate the season of Red, White, and Blue, Pepsi asks consumers to share their iconic summer photos on Pepsi’s website and the brand will use the images in future media. Consumers also have an opportunity to win rewards when they buy certain Pepsi or Mountain Dew products. Pepsi considered the current popularity of the artist and the season when it created the campaign. Your brand should look for specific opportunities like holidays or events to deliver content to your audience because this relevancy gives the content a viral quality that receives many impressions.

content marketing strategies

5. Use Email Marketing

Besides social media, email marketing is the most cost effective and fastest way to use content marketing to reach out to customers. But moms receive tons of emails each day; ensure your brand stands out. Some keys to email marketing success include a short subject line and the inverted pyramid technique. For the latter, put the most important information first and end with the least important information. According to consumers formulate their conclusions about a product, service, or offer within seconds of opening an email. To keep consumers intrigued be simple and reassure them that what’s offered is easier and better than competing solutions and offers. Also, make sure your brand’s emails stay focused on a single offer or message per email and ensure your email translates well on a smartphone or tablet.

Good content marketing makes a person stop, read, think, and behave differently. Consider targeting Moms in a way that informs and intrigues them. Keep your emails short and simple, and organize campaigns around opportune times. For more content marketing tips, check out the whitepaper, 10 Content Marketing Strategies to Help Brands Reach Moms.