content marketing worldI’ve never been so excited for Monday to arrive. Come 9/9, I’m flying to Cleveland for my second run at Content Marketing World, the leading content marketing conference. I learned a lot from my experience last year and whether you’re going to this conference or The Knitting Guild Association Conference, here are my tips to be more than prepared.

1. Let people know you’re going to be there.

Start tweeting, share it on LinkedIn and even Facebook. Let people know you’re going to the conference and ask if they’ll be there as well. Ask for tips and if you’re a veteran, share your advice.

2. Start using the hashtag.

Many conferences have dedicated hashtags, such as #cmworld for Content Marketing World. When tweeting about the conference, use the event hashtag. It enables other users of the hashtag to see your tweet. Soon, you’ll be making new friends before you even step foot in the conference.

3. Download the app and use it.

In addition to hashtags, many conferences have apps too. These apps typically have the conference agenda, lists of other conference goers and may even offer prizes. It’s a great way to connect before, during and after the show.

4. Connect with your old connections.

Remember the person you met the second day who grabbed coffee with you after the morning session? Perhaps you tweeted a bit but lost touch after you went home. Reconnect with that person before you head to the conference to see if they’re going. I have a few pals that I haven’t seen all year and I can’t wait to see them on Monday.

5. Create content about it.

Yes, this is fitting for Content Marketing World, but no matter the conference topic, having relevant content before you leave will give you a springboard when you arrive. Topical content is sharable. Attendees will get to know you faster. What’s better than having content that’s guaranteed to interest your new connections before you even meet them? I collaborated with coworkers on this Content Marketing infographic.

What steps do you take before a conference? Share your ideas here and if you’re going to Content Marketing World, let me know and we’ll meet up.