Irresistible content may sound like a tall order, especially when you consider the massive amount of content that is actually on the web right at this very minute.

But there are some tips and techniques I’ve discovered from my years as an article writer and more recently as an email copywriter.

And they are actually quite easy for you to use in your own content creation.

The key is to be your own unique, authentic self.

But sometimes that’s hard…

I remember back when I first started my blog.

No business in mind.
No real purpose in mind.

Just started a blog.

And I blogged about anything and everything.

I think I even wrote a Father’s Day poem as a post.

It took months of writing and publishing before I became the writer you read today.

But it was only once I discovered my true voice that things started to fall into place for my content.

So, creating irresistible content can be quickly summed up in these 5 points:

TIP #1

Know, know, know your market. Know exactly who you are writing or creating content for.

This is absolutely essential in creating content that is appreciated by your market.

A quick example – Say your market is female fitness enthusiasts.

They love to work out and love to buy things to help them improve their physique.

Creating videos as your irresistible content might be a better idea than just writing articles. Why? Because people interested in physique are wanting a visual representation to help guide them in their exercise or workout.

This is covered in depth in Raving Fans List Building Formula.

TIP #2

Show your personality in your content.

Ultimately, people buy from people they know, like and trust.

That’s a fact that, despite all the new marketing trends, will never change.

You have something amazing to offer your customers. Show it.

TIP #3

Be extreme.

Trying to maintain a neutral ground is a recipe for frustration – don’t try to stay middle of the road.

Instead, to be irresistble in your content, you have to offer something spectacular. Very rarely does that happen with middle of the road, neutral content.

Offer an opinion, an outlook on an issue.

Only then will you attract your like-minded subscribers.

TIP #4

Write like you are talking to one of your subscribers.

Using phrases like “most of you” and “I’ve heard from a lot of you” does nothing for developing your relationship with your subscribers.

And forget being grammatically correct…

… that’s for English class – paragraphs don’t need 4 – 5 full sentences anymore than sentences need a complete subject-verb-adjective.

TIP #5

Keep it up.

Irresistible content doesn’t always happen overnight.

Many times, it takes creating several pieces of content before you find your true voice.

In the same sense that “Rome wasn’t built in a day,” your own content will snowball with one piece building on the next and then the next.

Pretty soon you have a whole arsenal of content to use, re-use and re-purpose.

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