Content is truly king in today’s world of consumers with many people becoming much more discerning about what they spend time on. There were years of clickbait where titles intrigued a reader only to fail them when it came to the actual content. Clickbait type articles simply do not attract the traffic that they used to. Google actually penalizes poorly written articles that are published on irrelevant sites. Facebook has also followed suit in reducing the exposure that a number of articles were receiving.

Content creation has changed immensely with vlogs, podcasts, and people going live on platforms like Instagram or Facebook. There seems to be a form of content for a person regardless of which form is a person’s preferred way to consume knowledge. Podcasting can be beneficial to a business of any size as long as a host or guests are interesting in the target demographic of the business. Below are 5 tips for creating engaging content for a business that will still keep the attention of the reader.

Tech Tools Drive Traffic

Technology has changed every niche of business, whether it is for an electrician or law firm. Even certain professions like that of a plumber can benefit from these tools as they can organize costs, billing, and follow-ups with current clients. The right CRM for a business that has a few clients or hundreds of clients will help increase the percentage of customer retention. Whether you are looking into law firm AI or software for plumbers, there is a myriad of options. Writing about these on a company blog if these businesses are targets in a B2B scenario can attract visitors that convert. This type of specific content might not get the largest numbers, but writing about a specific professional will work wonders.

Posing Questions Throughout a Piece Can Drum Up Comments/Engagement

Posing questions throughout a piece can generate discussion in the comments. The more engagement the better when it comes to comments as well as shares on social media. Your content marketing strategy would not be complete without social media promotion to expand the reach of every single piece of content produced. Posing questions when sharing this, then adding the appropriate hashtags can help reach the target demographic desired.

Written Content Needs to be Easy to Read

There are certain topics where a reader wants technical languages through an entire piece of copy they are reading. Most consumers want to have a complex topic explained in a simple way with actionable tips. Spacing within content as well as bullet points can make certain facts or advice stand out. Written content should be written for readers rather than a search engine. Skilled SEO writers can do both of these simultaneously without keyword stuffing or writing content that is difficult to read.

Track the ROI on Different Forms of Content

Taking the time to use data in order to create content is imperative. Guessing what consumers will click on or find useful simply can be a waste of money. There are so many great tools, including Google Analytics and BuzzSumo, that will help with this. BuzzSumo looks into shares and engagement in a very deep way on social media. Being able to have a piece of content generate a number of shares will likely generate backlinks on the websites of those that think the content is valuable.

Certain interactive media pieces can be extremely expensive to create when compared to a written piece or podcast. A mixture of the various types of content is important as a business might not be tapping into their entire customer demographic with their current strategy.

Long-Form Case Studies or Surveys Work

Content that is full of facts that have been derived from studies or surveys can work wonders. Putting this data into an infographic or other type of interactive media does a few things:

  • Putting the data in different types of content allows for maximum exposure.
  • The data will become far more interesting than a simple pie chart.
  • Lessons can be pulled from the piece of content, which is not always the case in today’s saturated content marketing niche.

Gathering this data is going to be tough and can take quite a long time. Releasing a piece of content a few times a year based on all of the company’s data they have gathered can also showcase benefits clients had from using particular services. Gathering the data through surveys can also be a great way to see if customers are happy with their current relationship with the company.

Content marketing can change the trajectory of your business in a matter of months. Enlisting the help of a content marketing agency could be wise if you simply have too much on your plate as a businessowner. Take the time to assess your content that is being created currently and establish quality guidelines that will improve it well into the future.