When you’re marketing your business with any type of content, you’re going to need a catchy headline. A good headline can be the difference between drawing in readers and turning them away. Taking the time to think of a great headline that will make people click on your content is a crucial step in growing your business.

Whether it’s a press release, content for your website, or a blog post, read the 5 tips below for writing catchy headlines.

1. Think in numbers. Headlines that start with a number – like the one above – are an eye-catching way to draw in readers. Grab attention by writing a headline that promises “5 Tips …” or “4 Ways …” of achieving something and keep your content informative and concise.

2. Pose a question. Ask your readers a question in your headline to lure them into reading more. “Want to Maximize Your Profit This Holiday Season?” is a good example of a headline that would entice a business owner to keep reading.

3. Funny/witty works. Unique headlines draw attention – there’s no denying that. Make your headlines funny and/or witty and you’ll gain new readers. You’ll also have a better chance for being retweeted on Twitter if you make your content stand out with witty headlines. Example: “HTC Incredible: This is the Droid You’re Looking For.”

4. How-to headlines are helpful. A ‘how-to’ headline gives you a chance to show your industry expertise. And since people are always wanting to learn new tricks and trades, a ‘how-to’ headline can be just the thing to draw those readers in. Example: “How to Make a Guilt-Free Margarita” and “How to Incorporate SEO into Your Blog Posts.”

5. Use keywords sparingly. Utilizing the power of search engine optimization in headlines is something that should be addressed, but it’s important not to go overboard. One keyword per headline is enough but be sure to incorporate at least one of the elements above to go along with it. Example: “3 Ways to Increase Web Traffic” and “Search Engine Optimization: Is Your Business Doing it Right?”

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