add valueWhile content marketing is an extraordinary tool that gives your business a boost over competitors, if it’s available to everyone, then a little bit of the leverage is lost. By providing true value to your consumers, you’ll be able to distinguish your brand as a leader in your industry. It’s the age-old adage that everyone wants what he or she can’t have, but once everyone has it, it’s no longer desirable.

Developing a strategic content strategy shouldn’t be simply focused on an editorial calendar and consistently producing content. Rather, it should be focused on providing the most value, even if that results in less content.

This isn’t to say that less is always more, because it most certainly isn’t. But in order for content to add value, it must know its place. A Facebook post will provide much different value than a blog update, for instance, just as a Vine clip has a different purpose from a fully produced YouTube video.

Pump Up the Value

So how exactly do you add value to your content marketing?

  1. Regularly use CTAs. Audience interaction is the key to an engaged readership – and the first step to creating conversions from your content. Whether you’re encouraging readers to comment on a post, share it with friends, or check out your newest product, it’s important to make a clear and concise CTA in your content marketing.
  2. Think visually. As your content is published online, it’s important to think of how it visually looks. Sites like BuzzFeed and Reddit have turned the content experience into a visual one. In other words, if your content is published as a large block of text, no one is going to read it and it has no value. But by thinking about the “wrapper” and making your text visually pleasing, it’ll contribute to brand value, and people will take the time to read – or at least skim – your content.
  3. Use Google Analytics. You want to ensure that the content you’re posting is relevant to your audience and can provide value both in the immediate publication and in the long-term. Even with the most basic knowledge of Google Analytics, you can learn incredible amounts about your site and content.
  4. Cross-promote. By cross-promoting your content on a variety of platforms, you can ensure the largest readership possible. It also keeps your brand image consistent and allows all your followers to stay up-to-date with your posts.
  5. Utilize internal links. Whether you’re presenting old content to a fresh pair of eyes or strengthening a specific page, remember to utilize internal links, which help your content retain value!

What tips or tricks do you rely on to keep your content fresh and valuable to your readers? Share with us in the comments.