With millions of blog posts being published each day, it takes a great title to drive engagement from a visitor. Business blogs are an excellent way to attract and convert new visitors, but it can be difficult to make your posts stand out.

Determining the best title for your blog post takes time and a little tweaking, but we’ve listed five tips to help you get there faster.

  1. Use a Working Title

The best blog post titles go through many iterations, so it’s important to start with a working title that you can craft the content of your post around. Determining a working title is an important first step in narrowing the focus of your post so you can ultimately create a final title that is relevant and intriguing.

  1. Use Eye-Catching Language

To make your blog post stand out amongst the millions published each day, use attention-grabbing language that entices a visitor to read on. Below, we’ve listed a few best practices for using language that will capture and hold a visitor’s attention:

  • Alliteration: Readers love alliteration, regardless of the topic.
  • Numbered lists: Titles that include a number generate 36% more engagement than those that don’t, so incorporate one in your title to drive views.
  • Urgency: Incorporating a deadline or actionable language into your title entices visitors to read on.

A visitor has full control over whether or not to click on your post, so it’s important to make sure that the benefits of reading on are clearly outlined in your title.

  1. Incorporate a Long-Tail Keyword

Incorporating a long-tail keyword into your title is another best practice for driving targeted, high-quality traffic to your blog post. Refer to your buyer personas and do supplementary research on the long-tail keywords being used by your target audience to try to incorporate them into your title (as long as they’re relevant to the topic.) Including a keyword near the beginning of the title will ensure maximum visibility.

  1. Remember: Your Title is a Promise

Creating a compelling blog post title is important, but it’s even more crucial to ensure that your post delivers on the promise your title makes. Nothing is more disappointing to a reader than clicking on a blog post title that claims it will provide them with certain content only to find that it was just “click-bait.” The best blog post titles are accurate reflections of the content within the post, so make sure readers know exactly what they’re getting from their click.

  1. Run Your Title by Someone Else

Once you’ve come up with a great blog post title, ensure it’s the best that it can be by running it by another person. Feedback is invaluable to the creative process, and we certainly wouldn’t publish a post before getting a second opinion on its most clickable aspect. Whether a colleague, your boss, or a friend, give another person the opportunity to provide you with feedback on the title of your post.