Marketing online is really all about the content. The more content that is produced, the better the chances are of being noticed by the search engine spiders and by target audience members that are looking for what you have to offer. Businesses get that, but what they sometimes don’t get is what this content should be. They immediately think “text” when they think of web content. Articles, blog posts, and white papers are great but they might not be reaching all of the right people. Some people simply don’t want to spend their time reading, but they are much more likely to watch a short video that explains the exact same thing. That’s why it’s important to include videos as a part of your content marketing strategy. While it’s true that the search engine spiders are blind and can’t actually see a video, online marketing initiatives shouldn’t be done just to please the search engines. It’s about your target audience and if they like watching videos, videos need to be created.

Here are 5 video marketing tips:

Simple is OK

Many companies think that in order to create videos, they need lots of fancy production and editing equipment that will cost them thousands of dollars or they need to hire a video production company. In many cases, especially for small businesses, this really isn’t the case. Technology has advanced so much that quality filming can be done on phones and small cameras that are relatively inexpensive.

Promote, Promote, Promote

What’s the point of creating a video if nobody is going to see it? Once you’ve created a video that will provide value to your target audience it’s important to promote it. Post it on your website, on your blog, and on your social media pages. This will improve the chances of the video being viewed and shared.

Remember SEO

Smart online marketers always keep SEO in mind when creating anything for the web. Videos can rank in the search engines. When uploading a video online it’s important to optimize them using targeted keywords in the titles, descriptions, and links.

It doesn’t need to go viral

Many companies think that if they’re going to create a video it needs to be funny, quirky, or flashy so that it will go viral. If your company is funny or quirky, maybe it makes sense, but that concept doesn’t fit every business. Think about your customers, clients, and prospects. What would they find beneficial? It’s OK for a video to be purely educational. It might not attract millions of viewers, but were those millions of viewers going to be interested in your product or service anyway?

YouTube isn’t the only video sharing site

YouTube might be the most well known, but don’t forget about Vimeo, Metacafe, Break, and Daily Motion. By uploading the video to more than one site you are improving your link building SEO efforts and increasing the chances that a potential client or prospect will see it.

Author: Nick Stamoulis is a Boston SEO consultant and the President and Founder of Brick Marketing. For more information please call 781-350-4365 or visit