In 2017 we’ve seen more pieces of content flood the internet than ever before.

As more brands and people post content, the competition to appear in your target consumes feeds gets tougher and tougher. I don’t know about you but as a marketer that makes me pretty uncomfortable, my career depends on my ability to get the right content in front of the right people at the right time. If you’re reading this post I assume yours does too.

The beauty of feeling uncomfortable is that it leads you to find new methods to succeed. Over the last few months i’ve uncovered a few secret weapons to help my content outperform the competitors. I’ve managed to grow traffic, shares, and ultimately sign ups as a result of content marketing.

I’ve kept my arsenal a secret up until now. But today I realised that our community of marketers will only grow if we share, collaborate and work together to improve. So i’m sharing my top five secret content marketing weapons – ssssshh, don’t tell anyone 🙊

These tools help me create great content, amplify it, and leverage every impression that follows. They help me deliver better ROI for clients, and guarantee that my content doesn’t drown in a pool of online noise.

There are three phases to every content marketing campaign. I’m excluding the strategy that comes before, and the reporting that comes after as those phases have a whole nother arsenal of tools. But for me the execution part looks as basic as this:

  1. Create epic content
  2. Distribute to many
  3. Leverage every impression

I’ll follow this order when unveiling my secret weapons. Let’s start with the content, as you have to get this one spot on if you want the second or third phase to work for you.

These are my two secret weapons when it comes to content creation:


We all know that content is King, but if that content comes in video format it’s the richest King around. And if you want your video content to travel you need to find a way to produce branded video content that consumers actually want to watch.

For that, my secret weapon is GoShow – the sports production marketplace labeled by Huffington Post as ‘The platform you need to know about if you’re looking to make Red Bull style content.’ It’s free to register and you can connect with athletes, filmmakers and editors in minutes. Oh, and once registered be sure to check out their media network – they partner with publications like The Chive and Swagbucks to distribute your videos to millions of people. Bonus!

Link: Visit GoShow Here


If you’re looking for great images there is always one dilemma. Stock photos look a bit too stocky, and hiring a photographer every week will blow the budget. How often have you daydreamed of an in between solution?

Well, you can stop daydreaming with my second secret weapon. Yotpo helps you identify and collect the best user-generated content from Instagram. They sort out the licencing too so you can purchase real photos, and use for anything from ad creative or landing page backgrounds.

Link: Visit Yotpo Here

So you’ve got an epic video, and a couple of images to complete your campaign. What next? Time to start distributing your content.

3. Just Retweet

Sometimes you need to give your campaign a bit of a kick start. Sure, paid promotion via social platforms like (Facebook) will give you reach. But how do you kick start a conversation? Adding a bit of social buzz to your campaign is the best way push your epic content to the top of the feed.

Link: Visit JustRetweet Here

Now that you’ve created epic content, and distributed it it far and wide. It’s time to maximise your content marketing campaign. These are my two secret weapons when it comes to content leverage:


Now it’s possible to retarget all the people who click on your links. Remember how we’ve been dropping pixels in our landing pages for the last few years to track users? Well now you can do that with links too.

When setting up your campaign, ensure you use PixelMe links – that way you can build hyper relevant retargeting audiences, allowing you to serve CTA messaging to people who engaged with your content marketing campaigns.

Link: Visit PixelMe Here


With messenger on the rise, it’s a great opportunity for marketers to turn engagements into one on one customer conversations. Using ManyChat you can use your Facebook content to start real conversations with anyone who comments on selected Facebook posts.

When using Facebook to distribute your campaign, all you need to do is ask users to comment of your campaign post. Once they comment, your ManyChat widget will auto open a messenger conversation which can be pre-scripted (like a bot) or live.

Link: Visit ManyChat Here

There you have it. Five secret content marketing weapons to give you a head start on your next campaign.

Good luck!