Have you ever woken up and thought: “I have something valuable to say.” Or maybe: “Man, I wish more people would buy my product so I could finally buy that set of golf clubs.” What about: “If just a few more people would hire me for my expertise, I could help my kid pay off their college loan debt; I could afford to buy the organic vegetables. Maybe, I could even go to Bora Bora.”

One way to counteract these painful morning mantras is to take action. This professional publishing platform helps you do so. Here’s how:

1. It allows you to tell your personal story. Riddle me this: would you rather take advice from someone you know, feel you understand and respect – or a stranger that abrasively shouts their ideas and “knowledge” into your face in the form of a verbal driveby. Unless you are giving into hedonistic tendencies (thank you, Fifty Shades of Grey), the answer is a no brainer. Tell people who you are, what you do, what you know, how you can make their lives easier – and they will begin to trust you. There are few better ways to do this than by writing a thoughtful, engaging and informative article. You don’t have to be a journalist; you just have to have an innovative perspective, fervor to share it, and a platform to publish. Why, hello there.

2. It allows you to promote your brand. So you muster up the courage to tell the world about yourself and why you are worthy of being heard. Your fan club and bank account are going to be close to zilch if you don’t find a way to relate who you are to what it is you offer. Here, you can write about your company, your brand, your service, and how your business is going to better the lives of your target group. Put in an endless amount of links to your site and get down the business of making relevant connections and influencing your buyers. (We know, this is unqiue; that’s part of what makes us special.)

3. It allows you to share your knowledge (educate). You are what you know. Too soon for clichés? Here’s the skinny: in order for your target audience to choose your business, company or brand over your competitors, they have to believe you are the best at what you do. What better way to win the social media dual than by publishing your expertise? Put down in writing what you know – and make sure it relates exactly to what you offer. Expertise is your valued sword in B2B; exploreB2B encourages you to sharpen and utilize it.

4. It allows you to show people in your industry you are a leader. Sharing knowledge is one important element of establishing influence; elevating it among a group of established leaders is another. Did the Lord of the Rings acquire the ring without the help and association of an established circle of comrades? (I am honestly asking, I have never seen the movie or read the books. Sorry, Tolkien.) Becoming a recognized leader in your niche reaps powerful benefits. Besides those in your industry coming to respect and spread your knowledge, people who are looking for the precise information, products and services you offer will be able to find and trust you. Don’t just aim to be the best. Aim to be the best amongst a circle of people who can promote, teach, and inspire you.

5. It allows you the opportunity to share enough information so that people can begin to trust you. One Tweet a week won’t cut it. Neither will a malnourished Facebook page. Establishing yourself as an expert requires a commitment to educating your target audience of your expertise. Self-publishing allows you the (easy) opportunity to do so. Communication is key, but content is king. Don’t lock yourself out of the castle by failing to take advantage of the biggest opportunity since Apple reacquired Jobs.

“In the Game of Social Media (er, Thrones) you play to win, or you die.”

This is drastic. (And yes, I have seen too many ‘Game of Thrones.’) Yet, the same goes for your business and content marketing campaign. If you don’t seize the opportunity to thoughtfully convince your target audience that you are best at what you do: someone else will conquer your leadership role; someone else will own your niche, and it will be someone else who takes home your earnings.

Claim your throne and get to publishing.

*This post was originally published on exploreB2B.*