Welcome to another edition of the “5 Reasons” blog series. This will be a weekly blog series, with a fresh post every Monday. Last week’s topic was “Five Reasons Your Facebook Fans Don’t Purchase”.

This Week’s Topic = Five Reasons to Create Content

Cue the buzzword…content marketing. Using content to market your business is in, and it’s in for a reason. In fact, here are 5 reasons:

  1. Improve Your SEO. Writing content improves your SEO in a couple of ways. First, it allows you to write about a variety of topics related to your products and services, hitting on keywords you want to rank for. Second, it allows you to build out internal links from articles and blog posts to other pages on your site. Third, it makes it more likely people will link back to your site, by giving them more content to link to.
  2. Prove Your Expertise. Writing content for your site and for distribution across the web ties your name and brand to articles and blog posts about your industry. It offers an opportunity to prove your knowledge and experience without actually working with a customer or client.
  3. Attract New Visitors. By improving your SEO and adding new content to your site, you increase the likelihood that people searching the internet find you. And you can use your content to pull in new visitors from social networks and articles sites. You can even think about writing content for other sites that already have an audience, to help spread awareness for your brand.
  4. Create Something Shareable. People like to share good content. It could be funny, informative, interesting, or helpful. Infographics, videos, top ten lists, and how to articles will attract readers and will likely lead people to share your content with their friends and networks. This becomes free marketing for your company.
  5. Make Your Company More Human. Most company websites are dull. In today’s world, consumers want to form a relationship with companies they do business with. Creating content for your site gives you a chance to showcase the people behind the brand, and make your company more relatable.

As always, if you have your own tips, please include them in the comments below.