ebookIn the latest Entertainment and Media Outlook report, it’s predicted that eBook sales will top $8.2 billion by 2017, finally surpassing the figures generated by print book sales. With the ever-increasing digital market and the time that consumers spend researching products and services online, there’s never been a more prudent time to invest in eBook marketing. While it’s probably not your intention to become a major publisher, taking the time to invest in even one eBook can have major implications – positive ones! – for your brand’s strategy.

  1. Establishing authority. One of the key secrets to gaining a reputation in your industry is to position your business as a leader. An eBook not only positions you as an authority, but creates trust around your business, which can eventually turn into sales.
  2. Low risk, high potential. Because eBook marketing isn’t nearly as expensive as a television blitz or any other extended ad campaign, the costs are relatively low, yet the potential is extremely high. This equates to higher revenue shares for all, if the marketing plan works.
  3. Optimization. Digital keywords have made it easier than ever to optimize content and help it get found by search engines and readers alike. With the proper techniques, we can make eBooks findable on catalogs or community sites with the appropriate keywords.
  4. Outsourcing. Let’s face it: writing an eBook can be challenging. If it were simple, everyone would be doing it. Fortunately, there are professional writing services that provide content for every industry. In other words, there’s certainly a solution for you if you don’t have the in-house resources to create an optimized eBook.
  5. Appealing to a wider audience. While your blog and website likely target existing customers or extremely specific consumer profiles, eBooks give you the opportunity to reach a large audience with general interest in your industry.

With so much to gain and for such a small risk, why not include eBooks as part of your marketing campaign? eBooks give your business an opportunity to create a “company doctrine,” so to speak, defining your industry and products through the power of optimized content. And with a professional content creation service behind you, you definitely can’t go wrong!