5 Proven Ways For Driving Traffic to Your Website With Visual Content

Driving traffic to your website has become a major marketing priority.

But with so much competing advice, contributing factors and variable opportunities it’s often hard to figure out exactly how to get the best results.

When putting together a traffic-driving strategy you need to get a little creative, because one of the most effective ways to drive website traffic is to leverage visual content.

The Visual Content Era

We are living in the era of visual content. The facts suggest that around 65% of people today are visual learners.

Visual learning image as example for driving traffic to your website

Along with this discovery, we also realize that with visual understanding also comes a big challenge for organizations to present the information in an attractive, fun and engaging way.

Our customers attention spans are getting shorter. So it is very challenging to create content that is visually appealing, catchy and engaging, and especially short and condensed.

We need to integrate all of these factors into our content so our customers have access to all types of media and want to stay on our website for longer. It only takes seconds for viewers to close a tab, or switch to another site or source of information.

With the growing trend toward using visual content, we see more and more images, videos, graphs, maps, diagrams and charts being used in order to present viewers with the latest information in an engaging way.

What would be more effective for your learning; Watching a video tutorial or reading it?

Watch this video and make your own judgement…

Let’s now have a look at the 5 best visual ways for increasing website traffic.

1. Landing page videos

We are all well aware about the growing popularity of landing page videos. Landing page videos are the best visual method to convey a product/service message in a quick, appealing and engaging way.

Animated explainer videos are regularly used on landing pages as a way of informing web visitors about the product/service details in a fun and engaging way.

Explainer video example 1 for driving traffic to your website

(Source: Boston Commercial Services)

A bright explainer video placed above the fold on your landing page is the perfect catch: visits go from that initial 8 seconds up to 2 minutes on average. That’s a 1500% boost right there.

When viewers visit a website, they look for a landing page video as they know that it can provide them all the necessary information in a short time span and an appealing way.

Landing page videos work really well in increasing the viewers’ visit duration on your website. Adding videos to landing pages can also increase conversions by nearly 90% (Superkrush)

For getting a landing page video that exactly demonstrates your business to customers in a fun and engaging way, you can contact a video animation company that specializes in video making.

2. Infographics

Your customers are well informed. They not only require the latest information, but they also need to discover evidence that proves the credibility of the content. They need research surveys, facts and figures that define the worth of any concerning topic.

Infographic example for driving traffic to your website

With infographics, you get the opportunity to give your users all the information they need, even if the data tends to be boring or doesn’t look interesting, in a visually appealing way.

Infographics work really well in making the data look engaging for viewers. They depict the information supported by moving objects and animation that gives the data a more attractive look and entices customers to keep watching or scanning it till the end.

For infographics you need to:

  • Research your latest industry information
  • Include facts and figure that support the recent studies and developments
  • Get the infographic designed by good creative designers
  • Publish the infographic on your website
  • Provide an embeddable code so others can share your infographic

3. Blog images

Writing up a good blog is no doubt a great task. The more information you put into the blog, the more trustworthy you appear to readers. But you can make it even more interesting…

Blog posts incorporating video attract three times as many inbound links as blog posts without video.

You can:

  • Add graphs in the blog to demonstrate results
  • Add charts to visually show people the importance of the topic being discussed
  • Add infographics to the blog. This will do two things at one time. Enable you to offer users a lot of information, but in a visual way that will not bore them.
  • Add videos within the blog to make it easier for the audience to understand things
  • Include eye-catching and unique blog images

If you want to create an eye-catching and unique blog image;

  • Do enough blog content research
  • Write an in-depth blog post
  • Integrate your blog concept in one single image by imagining the blog concept in your mind
  • Get the best designers to design the blog image for you (Or use a tool like Canva)
  • Make sure the blog image communicates the blog concept

Just like this:

Blog image example for driving traffic to your website

4. Calls to action

Call to action buttons are extremely important for guiding web visitors toward the next desired step.

With the proper and effective delivery of the content supported by visual means, you can get prospects, leads and even customers!

Your call to action buttons should include:

  • Engaging call to action copy
  • Red or green colors. A lot research has been done on this. The research suggests that red and green colors should be used mostly for call to action buttons as red indicates a sense of urgency and green indicates something good is coming your way.

Here are some example of call to action buttons:

CTA buttons example for driving traffic to your website

Here’s a live example of an effective call to action button from Hootsuite:

Hootsuite visual example for driving traffic to your website

The call-to-action in this case is the “See business plans” which is visible on the website landing page. The ideal button placement should be below the header in order to make sure that it grabs the users’ attention.

Also, the title used for your call-to-action should be catchy and engaging enough to encourage visitors to click on it.

5. Client testimonials

Client testimonials enable us to build trust and enhance our credibility with prospects and leads, thus helping turn them into customers!

You can present client testimonials in two ways:

  • Either you can show the client testimonial in video form
  • Or you can show the client’s statement about your services along with their picture.

Under the client’s picture, make sure to mention the client’s designation and company. People are interested in WHO is saying WHAT!

Dropbox example for driving traffic to your website


Today, there are many smart strategies you can adopt to drive website traffic. Among these strategies, includes the visual presentation of web content that can hook customers to your website and increase their stay.

Visual content is very powerful. It enables us to provide customers with all the latest information in an attractive and engaging way. It helps us grab our customers’ attention.