For some time now, online marketers have been hailing content marketing, describing it as the next big thing in online marketing. And truly, many businesses and brands are generating more leads and sales using this strategy.

However, content marketing has certain rules that you must follow if you really want to achieve your desired goals. The most important of these rules is: Offer content that is unique and valuable.

Yes, only content that meets these two conditions (uniqueness and value) will attract prospects, convince them, and convert them into loyal customers. (Of course, this is the main goal of content marketing.)

Are you presently planning to kick-start your content marketing campaign? Or have you joined the train already? Well, whichever is the case with you, I’d like to help you get more from content marketing than you ever expected.

In this post, I’ll be sharing with you 5 proven tips on how to create quality content that will help achieve your desired campaign goals — quickly. (Now, “content” doesn’t just mean blog posts — it also includes ebooks, videos, podcasts, newsletters, and whatnot.)

Are you ready? OK, let’s get started…

1. Show Your Audience How Your Business Operates

While content is best in text format, creating helpful and informative videos is also very effective in attracting and engaging an audience.

One powerful trick I’ll share with you here is to publish videos that show details of how you render your services or how your products are made.

If for instance you render home or office maintenance and renovation services, publish a video that shows your business at work. Show full details of how you help people transform their homes and offices from old to new. Show every step you take during the whole process. You’ll be amazed at how far such a video will go in establishing you as an authority in your business.

Similarly, if you’re a manufacturer, show your audience — through a video — how you do your thing. Show them every step you take in manufacturing your products. Such a video will not only enlighten your audience, but will also place your products on top of their priority lists.

Now, you may think that this tactic will reveal your secrets.  But, trust me, this is just one baseless excuse that will only deter you from taking a profitable action.

2. Give credits to your deserving competitors

This may sound counterintuitive, but it will work magically — especially if you’re just starting off.

Publish video documentaries or full-blown review articles about the established pacesetters in your industry. Give them the credits they deserve (for example, by honestly ranking them in a particular order).

Stay out of the picture, but add links and subtle CTAs that will drive attention towards your business.

Do you know what will happen next? Ok, let me tell you. Your industry pacesetters will notice the credits coming from your end, and they’ll drive traffic towards it while referencing it as proof of their expertise. This way, they’ll send many prospects that were initially meant for them towards your end. And if you’ve got powerful conversion strategies, you’ll turn those prospects into loyal customers.

3. Answer questions your prospects are asking

Running a content marketing campaign entails researching the web for the most common questions your prospects are asking. You can easily discover such questions by using a keyword research tool.  This is because most people now use search engines to find answers to any questions they have.

After finding the most commonly asked questions that are related to your business, give detailed answers in the format you deem most appropriate — video, text, audio, or any other. Repeat the same for every question you discover, and you’ll soon become the Wikipedia of your industry. Believe me.

The result you’ll get from this tactic is that you’ll attract prospects quickly. And if your answers are really helpful and relevant, prospects will trust you quickly, deem you an expert, an do business with you. (Exactly what you wanted, right?)

4. Reveal the good, the bad, and the ugly

Don’t disclose only the rosy aspects of your products or services. Reveal the bitter truths about them as well. This builds trust among prospects.

If you’re a plastic surgeon for instance, don’t just discuss the benefits of taking a plastic surgery. Reveal the dirty facts as well. Let your audience know the side effects, hidden costs, and other sad facts about plastic surgery. Not only will they respect your honesty, but they’ll also do business with you and spread word about your business.

So, at periodic intervals, publish blog posts that reveal some shocking bitter truths most of your competitors hide from prospects. You’ll be awed at the results you’ll get.

5. Publish real-life case studies

Another powerful tactic for convincing prospects is to tell them stories of how your business has helped customers in the past. Briefly put, publish case studies.

Presently, sales pitches are no longer effective in convincing prospects. (Of course, they’re commonplace, and even scammers display them.) Similarly, self-glorifying words and accolades that businesses have on their “about us” and “our services” pages don’t just cut it anymore as far as lead generation is concerned.

What people want now is proof — real-life proof that your products or services really work. Show them case studies, and they’re with you — instantly.

Bottom line

If you want your content to build your brand, grow your business, and achieve other outrageously successful results, adopt these tactics. When the results start to come, you’ll wonder why it took you so late to discover them!