content marketing dream teamI have a confession. When I set out to write this post, it was originally titled “why PR pros make great content marketers.” As I got to writing, I realized that while yes, PR pros are a good fit for content marketing (and yes, I’m totally a little bit biased), I also realized that a true content marketing dream team is comprised of several different types of communications/media professionals.

With 86 percent of B2B marketers using content marketing strategies, according to a newly-released Content Marketing Institute study, it’s incredibly important to get on board with content marketing- and to have the right people in place to get the job done.

Here are the five professionals that can help build your content marketing dream team:

1. Journalist: By nature, journalists are curious, an excellent quality for those who want to work in content marketing. Other skills journalists bring to the dream team? They are comfortable interviewing sources, have strong writing skills and are always seeking the usually more interesting and compelling story behind the story. These natural storytellers can help your team brainstorm ideas, find the right people to talk to and complete the important act of actually crafting the content.

2. Public relations professional: First and foremost, PR professionals are strategic communicators. Those who work in the field are adept at taking a large amount of information, distilling it down to its most important pieces…and then figuring out the best and most strategic tactic to compile and present the content in a compelling way. And of course, PR pros work regularly with the media, so if your content has any kind of newsworthy angle, you can bet the PR person on your team will recognize it right away to pitch for media coverage.

3. Web/SEO expert: The beauty of content marketing is that the majority of it takes place in mostly free, online venues. A web/SEO expert can help take your content marketing to another level with skills they bring to the table, including knowledge of HTML, WordPress, SEO and SEM. Most communicators can learn these skills over time, but a more advanced web/SEO expert can help maximize your online presence to drive even better business results.

4. Video producer: According to that same Content Marketing Institute study, 76 percent of those surveyed are using videos as a content marketing tactic. With YouTube being the second largest search engine and social media tools like Vine and Instagram Video gaining popularity, video is a hotter skill now than ever before. A professional who knows how to manage the video creation process from concept to execution to editing and packaging, will no doubt be a valuable asset to a content marketing team.

5. Community manager: How can we talk about content marketing without mentioning social media? Once a piece of content is developed and published for the world to see, someone needs to ensure the proper channels are being used to spread the word. A social media pro or community manager can assist the team with ensuring the content actually reaches those it is intended to reach by determining which outlets make the most sense to utilize. Plus, they can help build a community and audience around your topic to keep them coming back for more.

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