curatorsgonnacurateIt’s no secret the the crazy world that we affectionately refer to as the Internet is full of noise and chaos. When developing an online content strategy, professionals and small businesses always end up asking themselves the same question: “I’ve got all of this amazing content, but how will I be found?”

While there isn’t one answer to this question, there are  ways to ensure that your content is discovered online by your Community of Interest (the people who care about the same things your business does). One of these methods is content curation. Curation not only allows you to create a hub for all of your online content bring your readers back to you rather than sending them to external sites, but it also allows you to engage with your audience in an interest-based environment.

To take it a step further, curation allows others to discover you for what you know, rather than for who you are. Search is great when your audience knows exactly who or what they are looking for.

Interest-based curation, on the other hand, is incredible for discovery. Upon realizing that the web is more chaotic than ever, co-founders Marc Rougier and Guillaume Decugis knew that they had to share this secret with the world. Rougier and Decugis took on the challenge of creating a place where experts and businesses can shine based upon what they’re good at.

Screen Shot 2013-10-02 at 9.23.51 AMWhen curating, it’s important to take advantage of the categorization options offered by the platform. Dropping your topics into relevant categories, from Entrepreneurship to Marketing to Social Media, will help readers discover your content and subsequently your business.

Screen Shot 2013-10-02 at 9.27.32 AM

 Once your content is placed into an easily browsable Interest channel, continue curating and sharing your content as well as the content of others to stay visible in search. The more information you curate and the more content you share, the higher return you will have from your community. Watch your community of interest grow as your audience shares and comments on your engaging content and generate leads from the new connections you create thanks to shared interests.

What are you waiting for? Hundreds of thousands of curators are already working hard to organize the web, and now’s your chance to join the movement.