Content marketing can be can be a very useful tool. It can be almost anything; from a viral video to a social media campaign. It attracts the customers you want to the product you want in an attention-grabbing and creative way. Here are 5 different examples of content marketing that achieve both of those aims.

Red Bulletin magazine

Red Bull is always looking for innovative ways to market their brand. They’ll sponsor an extreme sports event or chuck a guy back down to earth from 24 miles up in the sky. Red Bull has also dipped in to the pool of content marketing with The Red Bulletin magazine. The criteria for content seems to be as long as it’s ‘cool’, it’s in. There are incredible photos, extreme sports articles, celebrity interviews and every once in a while a mention of Red Bull. The magazine has been distributed all over the world with newspapers like the New York Times, the Sunday Telegraph in the UK and the Kuwait Times, amongst many others. Its success lies not in its association with Red Bull but in the desire to create a quality product and quality content.

IMG 0569

IBM’s ‘CityOne’ Game

In this Sim City-style game created by IBM, players are tasked with solving problems in four different areas: banking, energy, retail and water. The purpose is for users to understand the real-world implications of decisions made by businesses and how they can affect the future of the planet. The game’s popularity (it has had players from over 130 countries) is a testament to its success. Online gaming content is not the most common choice for content marketing campaigns but when it’s done well it can be a powerful tool.

Prometheus TED Talk

Ok, the film might have been the biggest anti-climax since the previous year’s anti-climactic film event, but this was still a great piece of content marketing. In this video Guy Pearce is giving a TED talk as Peter Weyland, the head of the Weyland Corporation that features in the Alien films. It works so well because if you came across it without knowing anything about Prometheus, you’d be left wondering, “What the hell was that?” The video is set in the year 2023 in a massive arena. Weyland walks out with his arms raised as countless cameras flash. He talks about the legend of the titan Prometheus while ‘live’ tweets appear on a screen behind him. If you don’t know what it’s all about, you’ll want to know. And if you do, you’ll be hooked on his every word.

Volkswagen’s Planet Terra Festival Twitter Campaign

In February 2011 Volkswagen launched an interactive Twitter campaign to give the people of Sao Paulo the opportunity to win tickets to the city’s annual Planet Terra festival. The genius of it was that if people wanted to win the tickets then they had to tweet #FoxatPlanetTerra to reveal the hidden locations of the tickets on Google Maps. This meant the campaign became more and more popular on Twitter’s trending topics. The end result was a campaign that engaged people, made great use of social media and promoted Volkswagen’s sponsorship of the event; a perfect content marketing storm.’s Inforghraphics

Infographics are great for internet users with short attention spans (if you read this far then that’s not you. Well done!). They boil information down to the most important parts while also being eye-catching and entertaining.’s infographics don’t just give you information on a particular topic. They also show what choices we make mean about us which fits in perfectly with their goal of personalizing the internet “by helping you to share and discover great recommendations about all sorts of topics”. So in a way, they know more about us than we know about ourselves. Weirdoes.


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