Content marketing is often used these days to help build the brand of a company or organisation. It is less intrusive than many other ways of generating leads such as cold calling.

Below are five useful keys to make your content marketing program successful:

1. Create different personas

Most business have different sorts of clients. Different customers have different customer journeys and therefore need different messages and offers to encourage them to buy.

Some businesses identify 10 or 20 personas or more. Work out the most important personas that most impact sales, then expand out over time to the less important personas.

2. Create content to engage buyers throughout their journey

One common failing of content marketing is to not to focus on waiving buyers. One should include short white papers, info graphics, ebooks and webinars to lure in wavering buyers rather than solely relying on instant purchasers.

3. Make your content available to all

Ensure your content is keyword rich and you use all proven SEO practices available to you. These could be, quality page titles, photo and media alt tags and URLs. Don’t overlook the power of social media such as Google+, Facebook, Linkedin, Youtube and Twitter. You can try an advanced multi-channel campaign so your target audience has various means and opportunities to engage with your content.

4. Effective over creative

Being creative can be easy but it is more of a challenge to be effective. A good video may be seen by thousands but will it reach your prospective buyers? You’re not about amusing the masses but reaching your target audience effectively. This is where the art of effective communication comes into its own.

5. Analytics

You need to know where you businesses is going and if your SEO efforts and content marketing is working. Analytics will tell you a great deal on what content marketing is effective for your business and what isn’t working, or needs greater effort and attention. Only with analytics can you see what worked in actually increasing your KPIs, be they sales, qualified leads, completed forms, downloads, views and read newsletters.


Successful content marketing uses all the above skills, but it thrives on being able to adapt and change as your business and products evolve. If your strategy doesn’t work, don’t waste too much time in trying another, until you find the right one that is good for your business.