Content marketing is a powerful way to increase brand awareness and attract new customers. It can also help your existing customers become more loyal. If you are not currently running a content marketing campaign, read this article for 5 ingenious ways that will improve your content marketing strategy.

#1 Publish comparison pages

Why would you limit yourself only to blog posts? There are way more options to create your content and make it stand out from the crowd.

Comparison pages are just one example. What are comparison pages?

Comparison pages are useful content pieces that help to compare similar products or services. You can create one page with two different categories, list the items separately and then put them next to each other so customers can see how they compare. This type of information is very helpful for your audience because you bring awareness about all available options, not just those that you offer.

On the other end, you get more links from authority sites that give their stamp of approval for your content and comparisons. The best part is that by publishing comparison pages regularly, you will be able to attract even more customers over time because they see how reliable and informative your website is. Also, it’s a great idea to promote your comparison pages on social media.

Comparison of Kontentino vs Hootsuite

The comparisons can refer to tools (that is what is seen in the world of SaaS very often), but also to solutions or problems.

Comparison with passive voice biometrics

#2 Create infographics

Another way to add variety and uniqueness to your content is by creating infographics. Infographics are visual images that present information in a creative format which can be used on blogs, social media or website pages.

What kind of data do you have?

There are plenty of opportunities when it comes to utilizing data for infographic creation: comparing stats, adding information about your company or industry, sharing research data.

The variety of topics is huge so you don’t have to worry that it won’t be interesting for the audience. However, keep in mind these are informative pieces which means they should focus on offering actionable insights and not just random facts without any connection between them.

Keep the infographic simple – it’s still a visual image so you have to be able to catch attention quickly with a single look. Focus on one topic but don’t ignore the rest of the elements that make up this piece because they are important too: color scheme, font choice, imagery.

Infographics are a great way to offer your audience something useful and different from what they usually see on other websites. They also help you increase brand awareness because people share them quickly due to their visual nature – for example, there is an increased chance of getting retweets or likes on social media.

Sportsbook app infographics by Crustlab. As you can see, there are no hard stats in this infographic – it just highlights some points that could have been bulleted!

#3 Don’t be afraid of whitepapers, long forms and ebooks

Whitepapers and ebooks are other types of content marketing materials that can be used on articles, landing pages or blog posts.

They give you more space to present your ideas which means you need additional time for research before writing it all down.

You have room for including actionable insights, stats that help readers see how they can benefit using your product/service, customer stories… Also, do not forget about adding a personal touch – explain why these pieces were created in first place and what was done to make sure people get the best out of this information (for example: highlighting important points, adding valuable advice).

Make sure you know what your target audience finds interesting and compelling. You can use some data for this purpose as well or work on creating the content yourself by analyzing available customer feedback about how they approach their tasks.

These materials are usually longer than blog posts so it’s better to focus more on quality rather than quantity here – go into every detail that matters, tell real stories instead of just listing facts/figures without any context behind them.

Whitepapers require a lot of effort but if done right, they will be able to help you attract new leads because people want to learn more about your company before making an investment decision. Plus ebooks have great potential in terms of being shared around – people like to share valuable information with their network and it’s a great way of getting backlinks as well.

A long-form headless CMS guide by – available as a non-gated resource and with a convenient table of content for better navigation.

#4 Believe in the power of user-generated content

Even though you are the one who will create or curate content, it’s worth thinking about how to get more user-generated content on your website.

This can be done by creating a survey that asks people for their opinion/advice on some topics related to your industry or product/service. You can also inspire them with creative tasks like writing a blog post, making a video, or uploading an image to your Instagram account.

People want to stay up-to-date with what’s going on in the industry as well as try out new things which is why they will be happy to share something that has been created by someone else. Especially if you give them credit for their work and it’s related to your brand in some way.

User-generated content is easy to create which means you don’t have to worry about deadlines, it doesn’t require many resources and the only thing that matters here is quality (you can provide people with guidelines or specific topics if needed).

YouMap decided to create a collection of social maps created by users and with their tool. They are highlighted on their main page, making it visible to everyone who visits the site.

#5 Nothing speaks louder than case studies and success stories

Case studies and success stories are another type of content that has a lot to offer.

They present how someone was able to overcome their struggle and achieve success using your product/service which is why they provide people with inspiration + motivation because it shows them where they can get if they invest in you.

These materials show off real stories about individuals or companies who managed to make a change and often include their experience with your product/service. It’s important that you ask customers for permission before using these materials + photos related to them (in case they are real people) because it can lead to legal trouble if done the wrong way.

People need proof in order to trust you which is why sharing customer stories is a great idea because it shows them how you can help improve their life in some way. You should make sure that the stories are easy to understand regardless of your target audience’s background knowledge about your industry/company (which is why they should be simple, not too detailed) + present benefits alongside challenges because people want to know all sides of the story.

It might seem that case studies require a lot of time to create but they are actually easy to curate by using the material you already have in your possession, for example, testimonials + blog posts. It’s also worth mentioning here that it doesn’t matter which type of content you choose to focus on when creating your campaign because all these materials have different purposes and come with their own benefits so it’s up to you which one seems the most effective at this point.

Post Affiliate Pro gathered all case studies, success stories and testimonials on one, convenient site available for everyone without signing up.

Over to you

There are many content marketing ideas you may want to implement in your business. These materials can all help you attract new leads and generate more revenue as long as they are interesting + valuable for your target audience.

Remember that it’s always worth investing in content because there is no such thing as a waste of money. The only way to find out which type of content works best for you is by trying different types and seeing what brings the most value so don’t be afraid to experiment with these ideas!

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