5 Tools You Can Use To Create Original Images

Presenting your products, building your blog, and cultivating your content takes a wealth of talents. From writers to designers to artists, building a coherent brand image is a hefty endeavor. Fortunately, whether you have a team of creatives, or you’re relying on spare time on the weekends to develop your brand’s visual appeal, you have your pick of the litter when creating original images. Here are five tools you can use to enrich your aesthetic and wow your customers.

1. Adobe Illustrator

It’s hard to argue with the industry standard. Creating original illustrations is an excellent way to build a unique brand image and give blog posts and product presentations the needed boost to leave a lasting impression. To this end, Adobe Illustrator is an irreplaceable, albeit expensive tool.

Multiple aspects of illustrator set it apart from competitors. Custom workspaces allow you to find your creative comfort zone and work efficiently and effectively. Vector-based graphics render beautifully regardless of resolution, making it the perfect format for responsive web design and scaling assets. In addition, Illustrator handles typography with equal ease, making it the perfect platform for all flat web graphics.

As mentioned, the tool comes at a premium, but the benefits vastly outweigh the costs. For $50.00, individuals can get access to the suite of Adobe applications, resources for creating web and mobile ready content, and 20 gigabytes of cloud storage.

2. Cheetah 3D

When flat illustrations aren’t enough, 3D graphics can have a strong visual impact. From product mock-ups and renderings to 3D animations, your business and branding can benefit greatly from visual resources.

Cheetah 3D is an affordable 3D rendering solution with a host of capabilities. New and experienced users can perform polygon, subdivision surface, and spline modeling that’s easy to understand and manipulate. In addition, the application has a built in dynamics engine that accurately renders everything from a spilled bowl of marbles to a flag in the breeze. At $99, it’s hard to argue with the price of so much power.

3. Sketch

Sometimes the task isn’t as sophisticated as an original rendering or robust illustration. Building a strong image in the eyes of customers requires aesthetic appeal in every aspect of your business, including your website.

To this end, Sketch fits the bill with aplomb. Billed as “the designer’s toolbox”, the application offers a host of specific tools that understand a designer’s needs and enable the creation of original images in the process. Vector tools and a suite of shadow, stroke, and gradient tools, combined with pixel-perfect iconography mean that everything from your corporate logo to your social networking buttons can leave viewers confident in your brand. The multi-faceted solution is available for $70.00, but the price pales in comparison to the polished look it imparts.

4. Infogram

Not all images are created for aesthetic appeal. In fact, the most powerful images shaping the Internet today are infographics; structured depictions of data that communicate a story. If you can’t afford Illustrator or lack the knowledge to operate the tool, Infogram is just the solution you need.

Unlike illustration programs that require you to start from scratch, Infogram helps manage the necessities for you. A host of design templates and aesthetic elements like color palettes and fonts ensure that the presentation will be attractive, while built in chart tools help give your data visual significance. It may not reach the heights made possible by experienced designers, but for busy business owners and staff, the ready tools and low barrier to entry can enable content creation without requiring sophisticated design knowledge.

5. Pen and Paper

With all the expensive tools and learning curves associated with original image creation, sometimes the analog standby is your best bet. While it lacks the connectivity and ready implementation of online tools, pen and paper allow you to sketch your ideas prior to enabling them, enabling for on-the-go, effortless recording of inspiration that fuels creative efforts. Affordable, flexible, and never offline, a handy notebook is just what you need to turn musings into mock-ups and ideas into images.

Attractive photographs and stock images have their place in content creation, but an original image adds the needed edge that establishes a presence in viewers’ minds. From Adobe Illustrator for 2-D images, to Cheetah 3D for renderings, to old-fashioned paper and pencil, there are a number of additional tools in today’s dense application market that can get your creative efforts off the ground and onto the web.