To grow you or your company’s influence in today’s online world, you must be a worthy resource for helpful information so you can help others filter out all of the noise online. Content curation is a crucial part of a successful content marketing strategy and a social media strategy. Content curation enables busy professionals to act like museum curators, sharing the best of other people’s content.

Curating content is an excellent tactic for generating ideas for your own created content. It also enables you to easily share content that you don’t create from scratch and helps you grow your authority on certain subjects such as digital marketing.

Unlike content aggregation, which uses a computer’s automation and algorithms to find articles, videos, and images, content curation uses the human touch. It’s the process of finding and sharing the best content with your audience through social media, your website, and/or blog.

Those who find the sweet spot between content creation and content curation are more successful online. A Curata report reveals that more than 50 percent of marketers who curate content enhance their brand visibility, thought leadership, search engine optimization (SEO) and website traffic.

Here are 5 content curation resources you should explore:

1. SmartBrief

These newsletters provide daily executive summaries of the most relevant industry news, keeping busy professionals up to date with the latest information. The service has more than 200 niche email newsletters on topics such as business, leadership, enterprise IT, careers, social business, marketing, digital media, sales and business travel. Its editors cull through more than 10,000 major media outlets and blogs to find the freshest and most relevant information.

Call to action: Subscribe to SmartBrief newsletters and select which ones are most relevant to you.

2. Who’s Blogging What

This email newsletter is a must for marketing and public relations professionals who want to stay current on social media, search marketing, email marketing, digital marketing and web analytics. An email sent each Thursday provides links to the latest news and developments in digital marketing. Articles include hot topics, new strategies, and how-to posts. The organization’s tagline is that it “spot[s] things that digital marketers need to see.”

Call to action: Subscribe to the newsletter to keep yourself current and sharp in today’s era of digital disruption.

3. LinkedIn Marketing Solutions blog

On Fridays, Alex Rynne publishes a trending content blog post that summarizes must-read marketing articles that week. She provides you with the link to the article along with one to two sentences on why it’s worthy of your attention.

Call to action: Subscribe to the blog so you get the emails almost every Friday.

4. Convince and Convert Definitive

These newsletters, sorted by topic, pick the best content from around the Web surrounding topics you want to learn more about. There are four newsletters produced each week. Monday is digital marketing, Tuesday is social media. Wednesday is content marketing. Thursday is the best of the Convince and Convert blog.

Call to action: Subscribe to the newsletter and adjust the amount of content you receive each week in your settings.

5. Quartz Daily Brief

Stay current with the most important and interesting news in the world through the Quartz Daily Brief. This newsletter works nicely across desktops, smartphones and tablets because it is a text newsletter that doesn’t have big images.

Call to action: Subscribe to the newsletter and choose your time zone when you subscribe so that it’s delivered at the right time.

What other content curation resources would you add to the list?

An earlier version of this post appeared on the Knowledge Enthusiast blog.