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Are you a “creating-content” machine, but not noticing any conversions? Then your content, while it may be good, isn’t doing its ultimate job. The point of creating content is that it makes people want to take action. If you need help creating high-converting content, then just follow a few of these steps.

1. Create Intriguing Intros

Remember when your English teacher back in the day told you about using a “hook” to capture your reader? That’s just as relevant now as it was then. While your intros need to follow certain guidelines to get your page to appear on search engines, you also don’t want the reader to get bored before he or she has even gotten to the second sentence. Pull your reader in by creating a few words they can’t look away from. To do this successfully, some good advice is to write your intro after you’ve already written the rest of your content.

2. Understand What People Are Eager to Read

A good intro doesn’t really matter if your content is absolutely boring. Of course, what might bore one person could be incredibly interesting for another. That being said, there are still some guidelines to follow to make sure the content is enjoyable no matter who is reading it.

The easiest way to make people want to read your content is by knowing what they like. How do you know exactly what they like? See what they are sharing! Check out which articles on your site have been shared the most. Then, look at which articles have been shared the least. Compare the two, and see what you should be doing more of and what you should be doing less of, or just what you need to be getting rid of completely.

3. Take Out the Spam, Insert Only Small, Relevant Ads

Have you ever clicked on an article that looked really interesting, only to get to the website and have the text completely hidden by a plethora of ridiculous ads? We’re willing to bet that you probably didn’t read that article.

We’re hoping you already know not to do that to your site, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t ads that are simply annoying people. Having a pop up box asking users to sign up every time they click on something can really deter them. The key here is don’t interrupt your readers. Just give them a little CTA button at the top or side of the page, that they’ll notice and come back to when they’re ready. This is known as permission-based marketing.

4. Make It Look Good

They say don’t judge a book by it’s cover. But, let’s be honest. While some of the best books in the world have had the dullest covers, people are more likely to grab the book off the shelf that’s flashy. Your content should be no different. Implement high quality images that grab a reader’s attention, and make sure the formatting you use is consistent and easy to read.

Sometimes, the whole process of making high-converting content can be a little superficial. But, if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em, right?

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5. Don’t Limit the Sharing Possibilities

The ultimate way to have high-converting content is that it gets shared. Therefore, you must provide your readers with easy and flexible ways for them to share content. One way to do this is by putting share icons towards the beginning and the end of the article.

The other, is actually to get more creative within that. Maybe your reader wants to share a quote he or she really liked from the article, a thought, or anything that simply resonated with him or her. These are called “sound bites,” and they are super easy to insert into your content.

Need help creating high-converting content, or knowing whether it’s working or not? Then request a demo with Mission Suite and see all the ways we can help you make conversions.