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Harnessing these rising, creative trends in content marketing will help your content find greater reach.

Producing original, quality content is vital to any website. Ninety percent of consumers find custom content helpful and nearly 80 percent believe in a company that is striving to build a good relationship with them.

That’s why it’s important to stand out by publishing high-quality, original content. Looking for a way to make your posts and articles as unique as possible? Take a look at these rising trends in content production and use them to help make your content more original.

1. Create Unique Content for Social Media

Instead of simply sharing content on social media, true ahead-of-the-curve content producers are choosing headlines, photos and even topics with social sharing in mind.

Over 50 percent of people learn about breaking news via social media instead of traditional news sources, so it makes sense to put extra effort into social (see also: 8 Percent of Americans Get News on Twitter: How Often Should You Tweet?).

Just look at BuzzFeed, which claims to have “the most social content in the world.” Seventy-five percent of its readers look for content on the site specifically to share. That’s why it’s important to write social-trending content, pay attention to trending topics, and focus on timely, relevant news.

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2. Consider Evoking Readers’ Emotions

Another way to stand out from the crowd is to embrace the growing trend of writing content that touches on readers’ emotions, especially when it comes to content marketing (see also: These Emotions Might Make Your Written Content Go Viral).

In fact, marketing messages are two times more effective when they reach readers’ emotions. That could mean humorous content, heart-breaking content or controversial content. This explains why a blog post about a puppy sleeping with a baby received over 1 million likes on Facebook. It played up the “aww” factor.

But you don’t need pictures of cuddly puppies to do the same. Add a touch of humor or write about a controversial viewpoint to spark conversation surrounding your original content.

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3. Bring Your Perspective into Your Work

With access to thousands of similar articles and posts, why are people reading your content instead of anyone else’s? Because you bring a unique perspective to the table.

Play up your perspective by opening with small, personal anecdotes about your own experiences with the topic at hand. Talking about your own experiences not only helps your content stay original, but it also humanizes it and makes it more relatable. People live to experience stories about the human experience. That’s why anecdote-focused, popular NPR show This American Life brings in over 2 million weekly listeners. Telling a personal story that gives way to a larger theme or topic is one of the best ways to make your blog content more unique.

4. Guest Post Galore!

It’s not only about what you write, but who you write with and where you publish your work. Over the years, we’ve seen a growing trend in guest blogging, but this isn’t a trend that’s going anywhere. This is because guest posts are a form of digital networking. It’s a way to expand your audience organically (see also: Start Guest Blogging the Right Way).

Featuring more authors on your own blog not only adds unique content and perspectives, but actually makes you a more reliable source. Sixty-two percent of people believe that a blog with multiple authors is more credible than a blog with only one. To connect with other bloggers, who you may be interested in exchanging content with, reach out directly to related blogs that you already like to read. If you love their content, odds are your readers will too.

5. Create Content for Mobile Devices

One of the largest trends content producers are taking advantage of today is mobile-friendly content and design. Mobile-optimized content increased by 18 percent in just one year.

Mobile-only readers are becoming more common, especially with a younger crowd. Half of young adults who own smartphones say that they access the Internet mainly by mobile device. That means that it’s essential to produce content that your readers can digest on the go. To ensure it’s readable, stick to simple, one-column layouts and shorter content that features more visuals, like photos and videos. The most important part of publishing original content is ease of consumption.

By harnessing a few of the rising trends in content creation, writers, bloggers and marketers alike can raise their content’s quality. More original content means more readers, more shares and standing out from competitors. When it comes to content creation, unique work is a track to success.

What do you do to make your content more original? Share your thoughts and comments with us below.