Created by Guy Kawasaki, it provides you a superb landing page for literally hundreds of niches online, ranging from News to Sailing to Social to Plumbing to Guitars to Crossfit to….. the mind boggles at the selection.  You can see Alexa’s take on Alltop here.

But more than that….it can be used as a covert tool in your social media campaigns and competitive research as well.  Here’s 5  juicy secrets I’ll bet your competitors do NOT know about….but you will in 3….2…..1….. let’s roll ’em!

1.)  YOUR authority site can appear on Alltop.

The submission form for Alltop is found here.  You have to fill out the:

  • Alltop Topic
  • Site/blog name
  • Site/blog URL
  • RSS Feed Address
  • Site/blog owner’s name

Choose your category from the current lists at Alltop.  You can also request a new topic if you feel your site isn’t covered by one of those mentioned.

The most common reasons Alltop rejects a submission is because:

  • There’s an error reading the feed
  • The site has not been updated recently or on a regular basis
  • There is not enough original content
  • The general quality of the site does not meet our standards
  • The site is primarily promoting a business
  • There is no appropriate Alltop topic
  • The site is not in English

But if it is accepted, your site now appears where others can follow it online and you can add the Alltop Best of the Best logo to your site.

Think of the distribution!

2.)  You can create your *own* competitive intelligence weapon by adding Alltop RSS feeds to your personal Feedly.

It’s a fair bet to say the vast majority of sites on Alltop provide quality content regarding the niche you’re interested in.

Let’s say that you’re currently focusing on dominating the Automotive niche.  Alltop currently lists around 199 Automotive blogs, including:

and 196 more at the time of this writing.

You can add the feeds to these sites within your Feedly account so every morning, you have all of the authoritative automotive news at your fingertips.


Want an even quicker shortcut?

3.)  You can add the niche Alltop’s *Entire Feed* To Your Feedly

Want to follow the latest in Alltop Facebook?


to your Feedly.

Interested in the latest of  Twitter?


to your Feedly.

Want to stay abreast of Forbes?


to your Feedly.

I cannot emphasis *enough* what a tremendous benefit having this information at your fingertips gives you!

Every morning with your daily cup of coffee, tea, or water, you can peruse the latest updates in your niche and bookmark what you want to share and comment on.

Speaking of updates, did you realize the following?

4.)  Your News Articles Can Show Up In A Niche Alltop Feed, Thus Reaching A Greater Audience

This morning, I was scanning my feeds when I saw the following.


An intriguing title, aye?    This is from a local news/blog site.

My attention caught, I searched on the title in Google News.

The original article appeared on AOL Jobs.  But more interesting to me was this entry on :


Alltop also aggregates Google News as well!

Apply this to your own business.

What if your content is shared by news organizations?

At some point, chances are….it could appear in Alltop’s Google News gathering as well.

Think about it the reach it can gain *then*.

5.)  You Can Build Authority And Create/Share Your OWN Alltop

Alltop provides you with an excellent tutorial on how to curate topics that interest you over at

The examples provided are quite inspirational – witness:

Let’s now apply this to the most important person reading this article… you.

Perhaps you’re establishing yourself as a thought leader and authority within your niche.  You can gather up all the content you yourself find valuable and share it with your audience on your own site like so:


I used the free WordPress Plugin Menubar to create this navigation.    Visitors to my site can instantly see what I myself am following and give an “insiders look” to what I am focusing on, news-wise, these days.

So there you have it!

5 Covert Uses of Alltop Your Competitors Do Not Want You To Know

But you know them now!  :)

Alltop is a covert goldmine for the serious entrepreneur and business online.  Take advantage of that….today.