The term “content marketing” includes two intimidating words that can be difficult to hear lately due to the increase of the amount of content being shared on social networks by just about everyone. No longer are links, photos, and products being shared online solely by businesses, but by potential and loyal customers too. Distributing content via the web is the new way of using social networking sites and it doesn’t look like it is going to slow down any time soon.

Twitter and Facebook streams are filled with a vast array5 Content Marketing Tips of visually stimulating infographics, videos, and images, which ultimately swallows up the information your business delivers on these networks quickly and without a second thought. This has made it even more difficult for brands in trying to maintain a competitive edge or, at least, that’s what it seems. If done right, content marketing can make your business outshine that of your competitors.

There is a lot of information available on the web that will tell you how to improve your marketing and will give you pointers on what type of content to share. Deciphering what is helpful or just fluff can become a task most marketers, like yourself, don’t want nor need to take on. At one time or another you may have wished that the information could be broken down or provided to you in a more useful manner, which brings us to why I have written this post.

Here are 5 content marketing tips that are easy to follow and will help your business raise the bar.

1. Share Content with a Purpose: Every piece of content your business shares on social networks should have a purpose. It doesn’t matter if it’s a picture of a cute kitten to grab the attention of your community or a video of a product you sell to inform your potential customers; make sure there is a reason for posting it. You are not sharing content like other internet users; you are content marketing and there is a difference.

2. Create Content People Want and Will Use: Do not become solely reliant on sharing items found on the internet and release the fear of creating your own. Making content such as, informative videos, interesting infographics, and memorable images gives your business something else the competitor will never have and you can stamp your brand’s name on it.

The more useful the content you create for your audience the better. Come up with clever ways to showcase your products and services by offering tips and tricks on how to better use what you offer. Be it a video on “how-to protect your wooden photo frame” to an infographic about tips on how to save gas; either way, you will be giving your online community something they can use and will want to share with others.

3. Provide Engaging Content: To save time, it is easy to share a piece of content on Facebook or Twitter and then move on to the next task listed on your agenda, but in doing this, you would actually be wasting time rather than saving it. When posting information or an image to your social networks make the time to interact with your online community. Ask questions and never shy away from answering ones that your audience asks. Be involved, engaging, and interested in what your online communities have to offer, after all, they are the ones who you want buying your products.

4. Produce Content That Connects with Your Audience: Give your online audience what they want to see. Observe what your communities share on social networks and design your content marketing around those interests. In doing so, your business will connect with those following you on social sites due to sharing what is relevant to them.

Keep the content you share positive and stay away from controversial topics. Remember, what your company posts on social networks will ultimately impact how people feel about your business. Post positive content and it will produce positive emotions that will be connected to your business.

5. Be A Person First and A Business Second: If your content marketing strategy is to blast online users with links to buy products and to share photos of Ads, than your business is missing the mark and will be unsuccessful at connecting with potential buyers because people expect this from a business. Give your brand personality and warmth, rather than a robotic feel and people will want to connect with your company.

Ensure your business is genuine, personable, relevant, and useful to your online audience through content marketing with the help of these five tips and give your company a leg up over your competitors.

[Photo via: Businesses Grow]