Looking to make your content marketing even more effective, even more efficient, even more enticing than ever before?

Aren’t we all.

Hopefully your content marketing efforts are evolving and improving throughout the year—but now that we’re at the end, staring down 2015, it’s an especially good time to take stock of what’s working and what’s not. And yes: To make a resolution or two as well.

You’re probably going to see a lot of these content marketing resolution lists, and frankly some of what you read might seem pretty daunting, difficult to implement. We’re going to try to offer you five simple resolutions that you can do, without too much added cost or inconvenience, that will nevertheless make a big, positive difference.

  1. Our first content marketing resolution: Schedule some time to talk with your followers and fans. One of the nastiest snares in all of content marketing is getting so caught up in production and publication that you forget to actually listen to people, to read comments, and answer, to discuss. Taking the time to do this will only boost your customer loyalty, though. Schedule just a few minutes each week to check comments and social media posts and to offer a quick response.
  2. Resolve to send out four press releases this year. The press release is the one content marketing component that tends to get overlooked, but it can really be quite effective. Four per year works out to one per quarter, so even if you’re just sending out notices of seasonal products or promotions, it’s still worthwhile, and not terribly difficult.
  3. Also resolve to plan further ahead. Do you have an editorial calendar? Get it out and brainstorm your next five blog topics. Write down the working title and a one-sentence synopsis of the post. Use that to guide your next few weeks of content development.
  4. Resolve to refresh your Web content this year. How long has it been since you rewrote that Home Page, or your company About page? What you have may be perfectly fine, but it’s always a good idea to refresh your content every so often.
  5. A final resolution to make: Participate in some LinkedIn group discussions. Again, this is a step that is often overlooked, but the effects of it can be quite positive.