As per now it will take a person a thousand years to watch every video posted on YouTube and more because there are hundreds more videos uploaded everyday.

This means that there is lot of content out there.

It is therefore imperative to give the right content to attract as many viewers as possible.

As a website content writer I have always been asked this question, what is the most important thing in content marketing and it always comes to understanding your target market and knowing that everything you say should be a call to action, engage with the viewer or create business or whatever your end goal is.

Some content marketing hacks that work includes:

#1 Create Captivating Headlines

The importance of good headlines cannot be understated. This is the first thing a viewer interacts with and it can influence the decision to either read or ignore.

The importance of headlines can be seen through the Up-worthy team editorial process where an author is required to give twenty five possible headlines for a work piece.

A good headline is the difference between one thousand views and ten thousand views for the same piece of work.

The rules of a good headline is that it should give a taste of whats to come and not a dead give away, do not over think and keep it short and tasteful.

#2 Create Shareable Content

There is no such thing as over sharing. Always have links to your social media accounts for example google +, facebook, pinterest and twitter.

If you analyse Famous facebook pages, most of them shares Videos that too only two type of genre: Comedy and Emotional. That’s because these two type of videos gets the most shares.

I recently did small experiment with sharing a comedy video on my facebook page, and here are the results so far;

facebook video experiment

Total video views were 110,503, and total link clicks were 199 and I got 459 shares, by spending just $2 for boosting the video. Apart from that, the video still gets daily 2-3 shares and it’s still getting some little reach. Considering the fact I just spent $2, these results aren’t too bad.

Another option is to include a simple sharing widget that highlights certain word in your website and makes its automatically shareable or a simple click to tweet all to action bar. A good example plugin to share button creator is WP Socializer.

#3 Create Engaging Content

The only way to ensure marketability is to create amazing content that is tailored for your target audience and they can relate with. Include lots of pictures and info-graphic.

A good place to create an info graphic is where you can create great info-graphics in ten minutes.

Tell a good story and tell it better than your competitors. Invest in your about us page and use this to pitch and sell yourself.

#4 Engage in Guest Blogging

Contribute as a guest blogger on sites that are more successful and have gunner audiences that are more inclined to your product. Always provide a link back to your site, app or product. This can help you grow your customer base.

I’ve recently started contributing on HuffingtonPost and Lifehacker, and Its’ helping me to create great influence amongst the community.

#5 Create a Longer Copy

According to Neil Patel’s publishing on search ranking in relations to the number of words or post length of a website he concluded that the average number of words on websites appearing on the top ten list of google ranking when searching for any keyword has 2000 words.

That is, google rewards content length therefore write longer copies.

In conclusion, there are many other tactics of content marketing including carrying out an A/B test of your email sender and offering a free E-course. The basis of your decisions should mainly come from research and data analysis as well as looking at upcoming trends.

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