Content marketing is absolutely everywhere, from social media to business blogs and everything else in between. But with so much content out there, it’s important to get it right otherwise you risk losing your content beneath all of the competition.

Read on for some top content marketing mistakes that we recommend you avoid if you want your content to succeed:

  1. Failure to know your audience

When you create content, you need to do so specifically with your audience in mind. Otherwise, their attention will not be maintained for very long which means your content will not get read, shared or cared about.

Get to know your audience, their likes and dislikes and their consumption preferences. Some important things to look out for:

  • Do they prefer images, written text or a combination of the two
  • Are they more interested in audios?
  • What kind of language (lexicon) do they use?

When you are able to answer the above questions and deliver content accordingly, your website traffic, conversion rates, and sales will all be on the increase.

  1. Failure to promote your content on social media

Once your content has been published it’s time to get to work with promoting it, which means you need to publish it on your social media pages. Social media is a critical connection between your content and your audience. Without it, your content stands a much smaller chance of being read (unless you are a major publication with a wide international audience). That being said, even major publications share their content on social media, which gives them perfect leverage to increase their content’s reach significantly.

Blank notepad over laptop and coffee cup on office wooden table

  1. Failure to have an about page

When someone is directed to your website via your content, he or she needs to have the option to visit your about page to learn who you are and what your business is all about.

  1. Failure to exclude spelling mistakes

Proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation should never be overlooked. If your content is brimming with spelling mistakes, poor punctuation, and grammar, people will judge you, will not respect you and will perceive your business as untrustworthy (unfortunately this is the truth). If you can’t create the content yourself, hire a qualified content writer to do the hard work for you. There are also some great tools out there, such as Grammarly, which is a writing enhancement platform that can be downloaded onto your PC and corrects your writing along the way.

  1. Failure to analyse your traffic

It’s essential to analyse your traffic to determine which content flies and which content bounces. This will show you what your readers are responding positively to so that you can produce more of the same.

There are plenty of ways to create outstanding content that gets your audience talking. Are you avoiding the above 5 failures?