content-creation-tips-for-the-new-yearAs we ring in the New Year and the sugar rush of holiday food slowly abates, 2013 marketing planning and doing is now in full effect. Creating a new content plan for the entire year can be overwhelming. To help get you going, here are five content creation tips that will help keep your content marketing engine humming this year.

#1. Interact with leaders. Surveys offer a great way to get a pulse on where your clients’ priorities lie in the New Year. You can turn the answers you get into a white paper on industry trends from your colleagues. Then you can send it back to the clients you surveyed providing them with insight into their industry and peers’ thoughts, setting your company up as a thought leader and trusted source of information.

#2. Reinvent it. Whenever you start to get overwhelmed by all the content that needs creating, think about some ways to repurpose what you already have. For example, you could repurpose customer testimonials to be used in other ways, pull stats from a white paper and create an infographic, or take your ‘how to’ webinar and turn the highlights into an eBook. All you have to do is take an inventory of what you already have and reinvent the pieces that are still relevant by putting them into another format.

#3. Try something new. Put a new tactic on your list to execute this year. For instance, try your hand at making a humorous video. Make sure it doesn’t feel like a commercial. If it’s funny (and it could just be that specific kind of funny that only those in your industry would ‘get’), people will want to learn more about your company and products. It’s always a good talking point and you never know what’s going to go viral. So have fun with it! For example, check out this video we made surveying people’s use of iPads to complement our SlideShark product.

#4. Reward content creators. Churning out excellent content that will get the attention of your clients is hard work. So why not ask them for some help? After all, having your story told by the people who actually use your products is often more credible than employees speaking on your behalf. Try running contests where those that share their story are entered to win some sort of prize. If you want to get high tech with it, there are rewards system tools out there, such as Influitive, which help turn your clients into advocates.

#5. Track it down. OK, so now you’ve created some new, powerful content. But is it working? Before you set out to create anything, make sure you have measurements in place to help track its effectiveness. For instance, monitor the traffic that comes to your blog, click-through rates in your email campaigns, view rates on your videos and more importantly, retention rates on your videos. Brainshark has some great reporting tools that get granular on video tracking so you can understand what content is resonating versus what needs work.

Here’s to hoping 2013 will bring you health, wealth and an abundance of content. Cheers!