Content marketing is quickly becoming the new ‘go-to’ marketing method on the internet. More and more companies are investing in good content writers, to boost up their marketing campaigns, and Content marketing sinsexpose their products to the viewer interest that today’s tech savvy, ever-aware audience brings.

Now unlike advertisement, all content writing is not good content writing, and bad content writing is a huge viewer turn off. Content is one of the most ‘humane’ fronts a company can presents to its viewers, and if its bad or ill-written content then the company loses face with clients. In addition, content writing is a self-made job in most instances, usually starting with a blog, some writers forget that it is a job which is bad for business. Here are five content marketing sins that every company and writer aiming to please must avoid:

Procrastinate Procrastinating:
You sit down to work, and… start by checking your facebook, updating your status, milking your cows in farmville, collecting simoleons, reading your email, catching up on twitter and going round Google plus for good measure, and as soon as you start work, you’re out of time. When working, close all the noise and work. The goals you set for your work are important, and the internet is the most competitive media out there.

So You’re The One Who Writes Good Huh?
NEVER, and I mean NEVER forget to proofread your work. This is where things get embarrassing. There’s nothing worse than your readers pointing out grammatical errors and spelling mistakes in your work. Just one “its” in place of an “it’s,” is all it takes to lose credibility.

Nobody Likes A Salesman:
Promote a product, don’t oversell it. Everyone hates a pushy seller. Never lie to make out your product better than it is, the net is a place for advertisement AND reviews.. If what you advertise cannot be trusted, you cannot be trusted. So write all you can on what is good about your product, but also mention shortcomings. Readers expect them, and appreciate the sincerity.

No Man Is An Island:
… And no product is one either. Mention rival products in your pieces, or link out to other reviews. When readers feel that you write for them, they follow you and your work and a good following is a writer’s real strength. To get some, you need to give some. Don’t be the self absorbed uncle on the dinner table.

Let Your People Write!:
Everyone loves a guest post. If you have your own blog share the spotlight with a guest blogger now and again, its a nice change for the audience and it bring new flavors into your blog. So share and share nice.

These are a few do’s and don’t for everyone looking to make a career out of content marketing. There are really only some small tips but they make a big difference when you present your work to an audience!