Dropbox tips for content marketers

Dropbox is now used by over 300 million users worldwide. But while many people primarily treat Dropbox as a cloud-storage platform, it has other amazing uses. For example, more and more brands are using Dropbox to improve team productivity and to enhance their content marketing strategy.

If you’re new to Dropbox or if you haven’t explored it fully yet, here are 5 ways you can use it to enhance your approach to content marketing.

1. Use the Dropbox mobile apps.

One of the key benefits of Dropbox is that it lets you access your files anywhere you are in whatever device you have on hand. With Dropbox, you can work on a file using your iPad and use your iPhone to pick up where you left off. WithDropbox’s mobile apps, you’re not restricted to accessing your file on desktop.  Available for all major operating systems, Dropbox’s apps are a must-have for content marketers looking to do more with Dropbox.

2. Learn your keyboard shortcuts.

Save time by using Dropbox keyboard shortcuts. From opening a folder to renaming a selected file, Dropbox’s keyboard shortcuts can improve your workflow and turn you into a Dropbox power user in no time.

If you’re a Mac user, here are the Dropbox shortcuts you need to know:

Dropbox shotcuts for Mac

3. Get more (free) space.

Dropbox offers 2GB of cloud storage—a very generous amount, but it may not be enough if you use the platform frequently. There are several ways of earning more free space, some of which are not widely known.

The easiest and most common way of getting more free space is by inviting your friends and family. You can also get more storage by connecting your Facebook account and by connecting your Twitter. (You can get 125 MB for taking each step.) If you download the email management app Mailbox and sign in with your Dropbox account, you get 1GB for free. (Of course, you can always upgrade your Dropbox account to get unlimited storage.)

4. Send files using Dropbox. 

Attaching big files in an email is often a hassle. Doing so could annoy your colleagues, prospects or clients. Some companies actually block emails with attachments that exceed a certain amount.

Thankfully, with Dropbox, you don’t ever have to send enormous files again. In fact, Dropbox is the perfect tool to send photography to your clients and any other type of media. To send a big file, put it in your Dropbox, grab the Dropbox link and send the link to people. Updating a file doesn’t change the Dropbox share link, so you don’t ever have to worry about re-sending emails if your file needs to be updated before the recipient opens it.

One important tip is to track if your file was read. For instance, if you need to send a PDF or an ebook to a prospect, you can use a tool like Orangedox to track PDF viewership stats and determine which parts resonated most with the other person.

By the way, when you’re sending files to other people, your recipients don’t need a Dropbox account. The other person just need the link to download the file.

5. Become a power user by using apps. 

Need to integrate Dropbox with Google apps? There’s an app for that. Want to add Dropbox files to your favorite to-do app? There are also some Dropbox apps for that.

There are over 300,000 apps for Dropbox, many of them free to use. Apps can supercharge your Dropbox use by easily integrating with tools you already use, enhancing collaboration with your team and increasing your productivity.You can removing a Dropbox app any time.

One of my favorite Dropbox apps is IFTTT (If This Then That), an online tool that can automate many online tasks. From backing up your Instagram photos to automatically creating a Tumblr post every time you upload a file, there are many useful IFTTT recipes for Dropbox. Just go to IFTTT website and browse for Dropbox-related recipes.


These tips are just scratching the surface. Dropbox is constantly adding new features and there are always new apps popping up. If you’re new to Dropbox, start with these tips and continue to experiment with the site. In no time, you’ll discover that Dropbox is a must-have tool you need in your content marketing arsenal.