Google ReaderYou are more than likely to have come across Google Reader in some form or another. If you don’t know, then there’s little point in getting acquainted with it now as it was announced today that Google Reader is to be retired on July 1 2013.

Google Reader is used to keep up to date with websites, like news or blogs. For content marketers, it was how we got our message across. It fed information-hungry users all the information they wanted. So why would Google, a company obsessed with organizing and aggregating information, drop a product that does just that? And how are the alternatives for Google Reader going to impact on content marketing?

Dark Social

Google aren’t just interested in information – they are interested in what people do with information. This is also of interest to content marketers. We want our content to be as visible as possible – and Google Reader wasn’t doing that. Sure the traffic was there, but you have no way to know how or why. This is dark social.

When it comes to your web analytics, you want to see how people come to your site. This is vital for your digital marketing strategy. If people read your content through Google Reader, it doesn’t show up in your analytics the way views through Facebook or other sites would. Furthermore, you want to see how your content was shared and interacted with – an option not available through Google Reader.


Upon hearing the news this morning the Internet arose in a tizzy. It was like Christmas morning for sites like Feedly and Bloglovin’ as they were greeted with an unprecedented demand for their services. Content marketers are going to have to get familiar with these new names, as a lot more of their traffic may start coming from these sources.

Here are 5 Alternatives for Google Reader for all you information-junkies out there, and for content marketers to become acquainted with.


Bloglov Alternative Google Reader

One site many readers turned to today in light of the Google Reader news, Bloglovin’ allows you to follow your favourite blogs and websites and tells you when they have been updated. Bloglovin’ were quick off the mark in producing a blog about how you can move over from Google Reader.


Feedly alternative Google Reader

Feedly are all about content. It allows users to build and develop their custom feed of information from sources of their choosing from news sites, podcasts and YouTube. They can share this content on Twitter and Facebook. They also published a guide on transitioning from Google Reader.


Newsblur Google Reader Alternative

A cross-platform product for Web, tablets and Android, Newsblur has also seen a jump in new users today. Newsblur allows users to read content in its original context – your content on your website. Newsblur offer free accounts with restricted source options or premium accounts with unlimited sites and more regular updates.


Flipboard Google Reader Alternative

Flipboard has become a very popular “social magazine” app; allowing users to keep up to date with their favorite topics from websites, news and social media. It is a highly visual app that encourages users to discover, view and share content.


Twitter Google Reader Alternative

Okay, so it’s not an RSS Reader, but think about it: it’s always up to date, users filter the information they see depending on who they follow and the topics the engage with. There are many who suggest that the RSS feed is dead and the attention should shift to Twitter instead.

So what does the death of Google Reader herald for content marketing? It has become clear that the focus is clearly on the social aspect of content. The alternatives for Google Reader will be displaying content to users in a new way and encouraging them to share more often. Mobile content, in the form of apps especially, is going to become extremely important.

How users come across content and how they share it is vital in the development of effective content marketing strategies. So is your content ready to go social?

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