Today is Sunday. It’s supposed to be a day to slow down, appreciate the good, and simply relax. That’s not always an easy thing to do.

For instance, right now my wife and I are growing accustomed to life with our newborn son. We’re also in the process of buying a home, and we’re preparing for a trip to California for my brother’s wedding. They’re all awesome things. I couldn’t be happier about all three, but they cause stress.

Content marketing, (and really any type of professional writing gig) can be a “What have you produced today?” type of occupation. This requires a constant stream of fresh ideas, and the ability to regularly come through under pressure. Work and life can take their toll on your mind and body.

Outside factors can wreak havoc on the quality of your writing.

The way to combat burnout is to simply spend some time in the present. Sometimes you need to enjoy the moment.

42 Ways For Content Marketers (or anyone else for that matter) To Unclog Their Brains

  1. Step away from the computer.
  2. Call a friend.
  3. Listen to your favorite song on full volume.
  4. Take a drive.
  5. Go for a run.
  6. Watch a movie off the AFI Top 100 list.
  7. Discover a new blog.
  8. Go see a new city.
  9. Take out the garbage.
  10. Play with your kids.
  11. Play with your pet.
  12. Clean your house.
  13. Clean your car.
  14. Write until you’re unstuck. Then edit.
  15. Find a new place to guest post.
  16. Set an egg timer. Write until the buzzer.
  17. Start a conversation with a stranger.
  18. Go to a random sporting event.
  19. Try a new restaurant.
  20. Go to the park.
  21. Email an author you admire.
  22. Read a book that has nothing to do with your industry.
  23. Take a beautiful picture of something ordinary.
  24. Kiss him or her like you mean it.
  25. Start a sketch book. Even if you don’t normally draw.
  26. Go without your social media for an hour/day/week.
  27. Take a cell phone collection before family dinner.
  28. Go see some live music.
  29. Change your writing location.
  30. Go golfing.
  31. Give something of value away.
  32. Go shopping.
  33. Try a new social media platform.
  34. Read 52 books in a year.
  35. Join a gym.
  36. Try something daring.
  37. Start a list of the microbrews or wines that you’ve tried. Rate them.
  38. Start a journal.
  39. Start a personal blog.
  40. Volunteer for something.
  41. Support a local business.
  42. Join a professional group.