42 Content Posting IdeasYou know that your brand needs content. But how do you create something more than a status update or sales-y pitch? We’ve got 42 ideas to help you start publishing meaningful, engaging, and – most importantly – human content to your brand’s social channels.

Before we get started, a quick reminder…

The spirit of your content will be more important than the content itself. Just as “The medium is the message,” the approach you take in sharing content is more important than how technically or artistically “good” the content is. Before you post, check your reasons for doing so:

  • Are you trying to share something that will improve and better the lives of your audience?
  • Or are you posting content just to make your brand look put-together/intelligent/funny/etc.?

42 Ideas for Creating Content

Blog Ideas

  1. What are the top 20 FAQs your company gets? Answer them in your first 20 blog posts.
  2. Pick up on current trends using Google Trends.
  3. Ask to trade guest posts with like-minded companies in your area/industry.
  4. Feature/interview an employee or customer.
  5. Share from your experience.
  6. Create an infographic about your industry.
  7. Talk about your mistakes and failures.
  8. Create a listicle. (Here’s How)

Email Ideas

  1. Send out a weekly or bi-weekly newsletter. Celebrate wins; extend offers; invite users to a conversation on social.
  2. Use GIFs in your email to showcase special offers. (Here’s How)
  3. Use GIFs to create mini photo-slideshows from recent events.
  4. Include screenshots of your social accounts in your email so users see what they’re missing out on by not following you.

Video Ideas

  1. Film a simple weekly video blog with your computer’s built-in camera. Update your customers/clients on developments. Post to YouTube.
  2. Screenshot and link to your YouTube video from within your email newsletter.
  3. Share your knowledge on Periscope or Meerkat.
  4. Host a Google Hangout webinar.
  5. Partner with influencers to create video content. (Wendy’s did – so can you.)

Social Media Ideas: Facebook

  1. Post native videos to Facebook. (Here’s Why)
  2. Ask your Page fans what topics they would like to read about on your blog.
  3. Create a Milestone on Facebook.
  4. Publish photo albums from recent events.
  5. Create meme-styled posts.
  6. Instead of taking a screenshot of a graphic, post a photo of a printout to make your brand look more human and less digital/sterile.
  7. Tag other brands and help them promote the good things they’re doing.
  8. Use one of the seven ‘Call to Action’ buttons on your Facebook Page.

Social Media Ideas: Instagram

  1. Use Hyperlapse to create fast, stabilized videos.
  2. Share what’s going on in your office/retail space.
  3. Start a hashtag for your brand.
  4. Use emojis and emoji hashtags.
  5. Share photos from users who post with your hashtag. (Do this with the Repost App.)
  6. Create momentum behind contests/giveaways by having users comment and tag their friends.
  7. Partner with another brand in your contest and cross-promote by asking users to follow both accounts.

Social Media Ideas: Twitter

  1. Autoplay GIFs and videos are new to Twitter. Six seconds to get ‘em to click!
  2. Jump into popular topics with Twitter Trends.
  3. Use other brands’ hashtags. Twitter is all about conversation.
  4. Retweet, Quote Retweet, and Reply. Again… Twitter is all about conversation!
  5. React to what’s happening in your community and industry. While some Twitter content can be scheduled, you have to be there to really be human.
  6. Host a Twitter chat (for larger accounts).
  7. Keep your old (but still relevant!) content alive by auto-scheduling it to Twitter throughout the year.

Audio Ideas

  1. Create a Spotify playlist that relates to a product/event launch.
  2. Start a podcast.
  3. Reach out to other podcasts, and offer yourself as an interviewee. Think about how you will add value for their

The Bottom Line On Content
Remember, bad content takes from an audience. Great content gives to an audience.

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