The primary focus of writing content should be to attract traffic to your site which may lead to a conversion. You will be rewarded for quality content through return visitors to your site and/or improved SEO (Search Engine Optimization) rankings.


The initial step in any content creation process 4 Ways to Write More Effective Contentis research. You want to become an expert on a certain subject; your knowledge will be reflected in your writing.

The more knowledge you are, the more valuable your content will be to the reader. Read what experts are saying about this subject to better get your head around it.

The reader needs to benefit from taking the time to read your content. If they are unhappy or feel like they wasted their time, they will most likely never come back to the site.

With the ease of sharing content, thanks to social media, quality content will be spread throughout the internet. This will not only improve your reputation, it will increase traffic to your site.

Quality vs. Quantity

The age old writing debate, which is more important quantity or quality? When dealing with online content there are some favorable guidelines that will help boost readership and shares.

Given that we currently live in a Twitter society, where if you don’t boil it down to 140 characters no one will read it. Content should be bold, concise, and to the point.

Many people don’t have the attention span to read a lengthy post. Your content should be between 300-750 words in order to keep the person on your page.

Don’t just write blocks of texts either, include plenty of white space and headings for each section. You need to make it easy to digest your content.

Titles & Headings

You only get one chance to make a first impression and your title may be that crucial point. The reader has a decision to make, whether to read what you have to say or bounce.

Your goal is to get the reader’s attention and make them stop what they are doing and read what you have to say. Use your creativity to choose a title that will generate interest in your content.

Remember always to use relevant keywords to improve your SEO. Avoid using slang terms, as they may confuse the readers and confuse the search engine algorithm.

Tell a Story

Your content should tell a story and be a direct representation of your personality and style. People like to read things written by other people, not content that seems to be written by a robot.

Include emotional triggers in your writing, such as humor; it will make your content much more enjoyable. Write how you speak, so that the reader gets the feeling that they are listening to you rather then reading what you wrote.

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