Content marketing is one of the oldest and most powerful ways to grow your online business. Brands across all industries use engaging blog posts and attractive sales pages to turn visitors into subscribers, and eventually, subscribers into customers.

Despite the popularity of standard blog posts and sales pages, countless new ways to share and publish content have emerged. Now, it’s possible to reach your target audience across multiple devices and marketing channels. Many marketers and business owners are excited about this idea but get overwhelmed at the thought of diversifying their content marketing strategy.

If this situation sounds familiar, stick around. Today, we are going to share several ways you can mix up your content style and format. Our tips will help you reach a wider audience, which means more traffic, engagement, and sales opportunities.

Let’s dive right in.

Offer Premium Content Upgrades

Content upgrades are an excellent way to diversify how you reach users and grow your email list. Essentially, content upgrades are similar to lead magnets. Both are exclusive pieces of content that website visitors can obtain by entering their email address and name through a popup or form.

The most common types of content upgrades include ebooks, infographics, and ultimate guides. Your content upgrade should amplify your value proposition and highlight customer goals and pain points as a general rule. These content formats are unique, engaging, and a great way to keep visitors connected to your brand through your email marketing strategy.

When discussing content upgrades and lead magnets, it’s important to point out the most significant difference between the two. Lead magnets have broad topics and are likely to appeal to anyone that visits your website and is remotely interested in the industry.

Content upgrades, on the other hand, are created for specific segments of your audience. For instance, an online pet store could promote a 15% discount for new subscribers; this an example of a lead magnet. A long-form guide on taking care of new puppies would be considered a content upgrade because it deals with a pain point experienced by a specific audience subset.

When you create personalized content, more people who are genuinely interested in your brand will subscribe. Consequently, you’ll have an easier time generating qualified leads for specific products and services.

Host Value-Packed Webinars

The next tip we want to talk about is live video, specifically webinars. Consumers love interacting with brands on their website and social media, especially if they consistently offer value-packed content and advice.

Live webinars are an excellent way to get to know your audience while generating new leads for your business. One reason live events make a perfect choice for lead generation is that you can easily share your event across multiple social media channels. When you consider that over 3.96 billion people use social media, it’s no surprise that this strategy has grown in popularity.

In our experience, the best webinars are themed around common customer issues. You can gather feedback months in advance and create multiple videos that address frequently asked questions and concerns.

Once you decide on the topic of your video, it’s time to take to social media and your website to promote your webinar. You can even create an online course that goes out to attendees so they can get more value from your presentation.

We recommend holding webinars 1-2 times per quarter. It’s also advised that you spend at least two weeks promoting your video event through your website, social media, and email.

Update and Repurpose Existing Blog Posts

Did you know that 47% of online shoppers read 3-5 blog posts before they consider buying a product from a business? This starting figure shows that despite new types of breakout content hitting the market, blogs and the content within are still crucial selling elements on your website.

If you want to maximize your conversions, you should consider updating and repurposing existing content on your website. Research shows that, on average, 60% of marketers repurpose their content 2-3 times.

There are several great ways to get more value from your posts. One easy way to get more traffic and engagement is to simply update old posts. Odds are, you have a list of posts on your blog that could use a fresh coat of paint. You can choose to add new images, update statistics, and add more content to flesh out your post and make it evergreen. After updating each post, don’t forget to share it on social media and through email.

It’s also possible to take your existing popular blog posts and turn them into powerful videos. Some people, especially those pressed for time, prefer watching videos to reading blog posts.

If you don’t repurpose your best posts, there’s a good chance it could fly under the radar of qualified leads. We recommend compiling your posts and creating in-depth videos for your YouTube channel. Once you get the videos uploaded to YouTube, share the link to your original blog post in the description, and embed the video on your website.

Look for Guest Posting Opportunities

Finally, let’s talk about why you should start looking for guest posting opportunities. Guest posting is when you write an article for another publication. At first, this can seem counterproductive. Why would you want your leads to find out about your brand through another industry website?

Well, for starters, guest posting can help you diversify your content and improve your SEO ranking. Believe it or not, over 66% of businesses don’t have a single backlink to their site. This trend is growing because business owners and marketing teams isolate themselves and only publish content on their websites.

You can find opportunities for guest posts by browsing industry-specific publications and products. Ideally, you want to partner with someone with the same audience but different pain points. For example, an email marketing firm might want to publish guest posts on a hosting website because both products are usually necessary for new business owners.

Before long, you’ll find partners that help drive more traffic to your website through your content. The key thing to remember in this situation is your guest posts should stay on theme with the rest of the publication. We advise reviewing guest post guidelines and reading other posts on the site before making your first pitch.


It’s clear that content marketing has changed throughout the years. We have more options than ever before to reach our customers, and that’s not a bad thing. If you want to maximize your sales and engagement through your content, the steps offered today will help you get started.