Struggling with content creation or looking to improve your content marketing? Ascend2 reports that 59% of marketers cited marketing content creation as the most effective tactic, yet 54% find it the most difficult. Many of us have heard of the benefits of content marketing, but providing a consistent flow of quality content is no easy task.

If you can’t deliver consistency and quality to your audience, they’ll look elsewhere. Have no fear! There is quite a bit of data available to help you feed your content strategy and your editorial calendar. If you’re big or small, there are some great resources out there, even within your web properties, to strengthen your content strategy.

These resources can be divided into two main categories, each with two subcategories. Whether your goal is brand awareness, traffic or customer acquisition, or goal conversions, these resources will help. Use your data as well as external resources, all of which is at your fingertips, to drive your content strategy.

Owned Media

Your owned media is where you directly control the messaging and propagation of content. If you have a website and channels like social media with a history of content, that is a great place to start. Use your web analytics data and social analytics to determine how your audience is engaging with different types of content.

External Resources

There are resources, apart from your own web properties, can show you what successful content looks like. BuzzSumo will show you the most shared content in social media. Ahrefs, Moz, and Majestic SEO will show you how many websites are linking to specific content. Google Trends and Google AdWords Keyword Planner will show you the most searched topics. Each of them serve a different purpose, but they’ll find the most searched, most shared and most linked content and topics.

Growth Learner Content Strategy Resources Data Infographic
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These resources will show you what content works so you can improve upon it. The idea isn’t to copy or duplicate the content but update it, make it more thorough, and improve it. You’ll know this content will impress because you’ve taken content that’s resonated with your target audience and made it even better.

Are there any other resources that you use for your content marketing?