The use of online video in marketing is here to stay. Don’t believe me? Look at some of these stats that have popped up relating to the use of video. With this in mind, here are four types of video that are great for content marketing.

Kuno Clips: Associate Technologist Dan Romanski discusses the four types of video great for content marketing.


You have a great idea for a video and an expert who can easily talk on the subject. But you have one problem; this person is a little camera shy. This challenge can be easily overcome by shooting a simple interview video. The style of an interview breeds more of a conversation rather than a scripted narrative. This, in turn, can help relax the speaker, making his or her dialogue more natural, allowing for excellent and expert information.

Added bonus—interviews are easy to set up and even easier to edit. You can also add in extra B-roll to help visualize your expert’s topic.

Demonstration Videos

Demonstrating how a product works can be key to selling it. Instead of sending multiple associates across the country or world to do this, why not make a video and post it on your website? With a demonstration video, you are able to show the intricacies and best uses of a product. You are also able to show close-ups and details of the product that can explain the process further.

Not only are videos versatile, but they allow viewers to control the demonstration at their own leisure and rewatch it as many time as they want. They can also stop in the middle if something comes up and restart when they are ready.


Who said animation has to be limited to cartoons? Animated videos are a great way to capture viewers’ attention while delivering high-quality information. They allow you to add a fun and unique element to your website or landing page.

You are able to use an animated video for practically anything. Some examples are training videos, sales videos or just a basic homepage video. We have utilized animation with our homepage video explaining enterprise inbound marketing. If you are interested in exploring this option further, there are two companies that provide excellent animated videos: TruScribe and Switch Video.


Who better to talk about the quality of your work than your satisfied customers? We all love it when we are praised publically for doing a good job. Why not take these written testimonials and update them into video testimonials to put on your website?

This may sound a little difficult, but with today’s technology, there are many ways to accomplish this. You could take an hour or so out of your day and travel to a client’s office to shoot, or you can have them make a quick video and send it to you. Never mind the confidence boost  you’ll receive; visitors to your website will get to hear about how great you are from your current customers. For a great tutorial on working with video testimonials, check out this post from Wistia.

Remember, just like other forms of content marketing, video marketing relies heavily on engaging your viewers. The more engaging the video, the better chance you have of capturing leads. What successes have you had using video marketing? Let us know in the comments below!

photo credit: FindYourSearch