Choosing the right copywriter can transform the efficacy of your content marketing material, communicating your messages in a manner that connects with customers and converts leads. But, in an age when sites like Elance and Freelancer make it simple to find a copywriter for next to nothing, the temptation to settle for the cheapest option is all too common. The likes of David Ogilvy and Bill Bernbach would undoubtedly be spinning in their graves knowing that, for $5, an inexperienced writer has secured the chance to rush out a poor, uninspired strapline that deserves time and careful deliberation to devise.

Having worked as a marketing professional managing monthly budgets, it’s understandable that value for money is high on the list of priorities; but, as a seasoned copywriter, knowing that the quality of content being produced is sacrificed in preference of ‘saving a quick buck’ is enough to drive me to the brink of despair. Thankfully, there are many within the marketing and SEO industries that still value the services of experienced and professional copywriters, and place quality of work above cost savings, aware that paying a little bit extra has the ability to return greater value.

Whether you’re planning on recruiting an in-house team of copywriters, or wish to invest in the services of a copywriting agency, we can provide a few tips on how to choose the copywriting option to best suit your business.


The nature of your business should dictate who you plan to employ to work on your company’s marketing material. While experienced copywriters have the ability to deliver high-quality, creative work regardless of subject matter, it is only natural that recruiting those with experience in the industry represents a wise choice. You may, for example, require a specialist technical copywriter. Selecting a candidate – or an agency – with a portfolio that demonstrates experience in the field will represent a lesser learning curve than for a copywriter with no experience. Studying a portfolio will also enable you to ascertain the quality of work you can expect from your chosen provider, and can help you gauge the level of creativity they offer.


If the advent of social media has taught us anything, it’s that word of mouth remains the most valuable form of product endorsement. As such, when looking to collaborate with writers, you should take the time to view testimonials from past clients. While positive reviews will undoubtedly take prominence on the websites of copywriting companies, you can still use social media profiles and search functionality to determine an honest appraisal of the services provided. Similarly, you may choose to contact past clients direct or review the work provided; doing so will enable you to ascertain precisely how good – or bad – the working relationship might be.

Don’t expect something for nothing

The old adage ‘you get what you pay for’ is as true when you invest in a copywriter as it is when you invest in any product or service. As such, you should be prepared to look beyond the quoted price of potential copywriters. If something is too good to be true, it usually is, so don’t expect to be able to pay peanuts for copywriting and content marketing services and receive the best in quality. It’s essential that you get the best ROI from any working relationship, so make sure you compare the cost of one copywriting agency to another to determine what is reasonable, and what seems too good to be believed.

Process, process, process

An effective working relationship is essential to the success of any business and, when it comes to communication, it’s important that you are comfortable with those you plan on entering a professional contract with. Before you decide on whom to employ or work alongside, you should be clear on the working process you wish to follow. Some agencies, for example, may not allow returns or revisions of the content provided, while others will have full briefing, editing, and proofreading services included in the price of the work. Always draw up a detailed contract featuring everything you expect and require to be delivered; with the right provider, you can ensure that the working process will meet your needs.

Communication of your brand message is fundamental to business success. By selecting copywriters and content providers that are able to create compelling content that connects, you can look forward to successfully reaching your desired audience in a manner that prompts the response you require. Invest time in researching your options and ensure that you’re receiving the standard of service your company deserves.

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