4 Tips for Amplifying Your Mobile Content Marketing

Content marketing has notoriously been synonymous with the accessing of the web through desktop computers. During the past five years, however, the growth of Internet use on mobile devices has surpassed that of deskbound platforms.

Now for the meaning of “content marketing”

“It is a tactic initiated by marketers that focuses on creating rich, worthwhile content that is also specifically created to engage with a specific audience. The subsequent goal of content marketing is to use your unique, engaging content to convert the audience into customers”.

In order to convert customers, though, you must properly leverage your content as a benefit to your target audience. By establishing that relationship, you build trust, create credibility and brand loyalty. Here are 4 tips to improve your brand reach with mobile content marketing.

#1. Optimize your web content for mobile

Since more users are accessing the internet via their mobile devices, it only stands to reason that you optimize your web content for perfect compatibility with mobile devices. Sites are no longer solely designed for desktops, so your design and interface should be optimized accordingly. A user should be able to access your site on their Blackberry device just as easy as accessing it from their desktop computer.

Most companies have subscribed to the idea that creating two different sites — one optimized for mobile device use and the other for desktops — is the most effective and efficient way of covering both platforms. They’re distinctively different in several ways, as mobile sites generally have large text, minimal horizontal scroll, and big buttons. Alternatively, many newer sites are incorporating responsive web design for a one-size-fits-all solution to this quandary.

#2. Create a mobile app

While optimizing your website for mobile users is huge, it simply does not compete with the convenience and user-experience of a mobile app. Despite the most efficient optimizing efforts, users can still find navigating through their mobile web browser a cumbersome and un-fulfilling experience. In addition to customer satisfaction with your product, you get the added bonus of maximizing your inbound marketing efforts via your new mobile app.

For example, a selective group that are more than likely in target audience are the ones downloading your app, so now comes the task of focused inbound marketing. Offer special incentives through your mobile app such as discounts, reward programs, and helpful features.

#3. Monitor your mobile impact and engagement

How can you tell if your mobile content marketing efforts are really making an impact? Well, there are several ways to analyze your success with mobile marketing, and tracking those efforts can be made easy with a few analytics tools such as Google Analytics and Flurry. Learn who’s using your app and how they use it, then you can use that information to target your audience more effectively.

Here’s a few other mobile analytics tools you can use:

Regardless of the analytics tool you decide to go with, it won’t many any difference if you don’t analyze the information and use it accordingly to maximize your mobile marketing efforts.

#4. Take your marketing social

As we have established already, creating compelling content that appeals to your target audience is essential to getting them engaged with your product. There aren’t any other platforms better for engaging your audience that through social media channels. Not only is social media inherently designed for easily sharing your favorite content with friends, but unique content can be used to gravitate new customers towards your brand.

There’s another side to social media that’s began emerging in recent years — social-mobile app integration. Allowing your brand’s mobile app to integrate with social platforms like Facebook and Twitter unlocks unforeseen marketing opportunities for your brand. For example, users can be given the option to post content and updates from the mobile app to their social media account, which in turn serves as free promotion for your brand.

Mobile inbound marketing can be a wonderful thing for your brand; however, it’s also not something that you can expect to take off overnight. Consistency and adaptation are incredibly important when trying to successfully build your mobile marketing campaign, as you have to be willing be patient and implement several changes in your strategy to get your desired results.